EA to shut down Sims Social, Pet Society and SimCity Social


EA continue to carry out restructuring and three of their social games which include Sims Social, Pet Society and SimCity Social are getting the axe.

The three games will all close down on 14 June and anyone with  Playfish cash will have to spend it before the end date as it will become “invalid” once the games close.

The closure of Sims Social could be viewed as an odd move as it currently has 5 million monthly unique players according to AppData. A few years ago EA were keen to jump into the social gaming market but last year at the App Conference, EA CEO John Riccitiello talked about the evolving social gaming market stating that  users were not keen on playing a game that was simply viral marketing and that “consumers won’t pay for crap.”

On today’s announcement EA added:

“After millions of people initially logged in to play these games, the number of players and amount of activity has fallen off. For people who have seen other recent shutdowns of social games, perhaps this is not surprising.”

EA will continue to deliver popular titles for Facebook, most notably games from PopCap, including Bejeweled Blitz, Solitaire Blitz and the recently-announced Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.”

Fans of the games are upset at the decision with many of them angry due to the amount of money they have spend on the game.


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  • Kod

    The Sims Social is an odd ones – I knew loads of work people who spent a pound here, a pound there for little things in game. I thought that would have been making money no problem

  • Kod

    And I’ve just seen EA now have Crest sponsoring DLC in Sim City. I don’t know how I feel about that!