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Fable Anniversary doesn’t chicken out of PC release

fable anniversary

This young man will grow up to be a chicken tormentor. Mark my words.

Lionhead will be bringing Fable Anniversary to the PC, according to a teaser video released by the company. Anniversary is a “re-mastered” version of the first Fable game, with a new lighting system, textures and all those things you’d expect from a re-release. The Xbox 360 got it first, back in February, but now it’s coming to PC as well.

That’ll continue the slightly odd situation where Fable and Fable 3 are available on PC (though the latter uses Games for Windows Live so may become useless when that service ends,) but Fable 2 is not.

Fable already exists on PC in the form of The Lost Chapters, which still holds up fairly well, so Anniversary may need to offer something above and beyond slightly nicer textures and the Unreal 3 engine. Maybe it’ll reinstate all of Peter Molyneux’s slightly crazy pre-release feature claims about growing unique trees.

It’s a bit too early to guess what Lionhead intends to do with this version though, since all we have at the moment is the video below confirming that they’re working on it. A Steam release is pretty certain though, given the last few seconds of the trailer.

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  • D

    Good news. I’ll be happy to play through Fable with built in controller support.

  • Nasarius

    Fable 3 is actually *not* available on PC anymore. Seriously, try to buy it anywhere. Current owners can still play it, but nobody’s been able to buy a new digital copy for almost a year now, thanks to GFWL issues.

    I discovered this quite recently while browsing my Steam wishlist. The only way to get a game that was released just three years ago is to pirate it. That’s more than a little absurd.

  • lazerbeak

    Ill never forget the first Fable game it was great, villagers laughing at me and calling me “Chicken Chaser” a title I am still proud of, I could be wrong but I suspect the first one was the best I will look forward to this updated version of a classic game.