First Guild Wars 2 max level character reached

I’m not sure why MMO gamers do it, the race to be first. There’s always somebody willing to bust their balls to make a world first in something.

Guild Wars 2 actually launches today but a keen Frenchman going by the name of Surfeuze has reached the level cap of 80 with help from his guild called War Legend and also through the game’s crafting system. His guild chums helped him by supplying him with materials to get the levels up between 60 and 80.

ArenaNet were not 100% sure if the achievement was legitimate at first but later confirmed there was not funny business going on. ArenaNet’s Mike O’Brian chipped in with:

Level 80 is always something to celebrate, but be aware that this was not through normal leveling. A few users have made us aware of unusual ways to level very fast. We’re fixing these issues as I type

Now Surfeuze  has maxed out his level he can now wait for the next MMO to be released and do the same all over again.

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  • sebastiaan van vliet

    just don’t whine about not enough content, it’s your own damn fault.

    • BlueBooger

      the content is W v W v W PvP, which he can concentrate on now

      (man, that’s a lot of abbreviations)

  • Guest

    Testing this comments

  • Jack Pott

    Is this a challenge he set himself or is he going to be one of these that complains there is no content which is the trend nowadays.

    • BlueBooger

      but the whole point is that he can now concentrate on PvP, which is what a lot of people wanted from this game

  • Elly Davis

    These things are always team efforts with team mates clearing areas and drawing fire. They missed out massive chunks of the game. They’re hollow ‘firsts’.