GTA V coming to PC in June, says Portuguese retail newsletter

gamingreplay gta v

It’s been a while, GTA V PC rumours. Welcome back.

Portuguese retailer GamingReplay.com has claimed in its official newsletter that PC (as well as Xbox One and PS4) version of Grand Theft Auto V are on the way in June. The newsletter (above) only mentions Xbox One and PS4, but a twitter post from the same company states that a PC release is planned at the same time.

Translated (thanks Google,) that reads “The GamingReplay just confirmed the release of GTA V on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Have you made your order?”

We’ve been here before of course with retailer claims of GTA V on PC, but this is the first time a company has started advertising the fact in its official newsletter.

In the past few months we’ve seen strong hints from Rockstar developer tweets that a PC version is on the cards, as well as the appearance of GTA V listings in AMD Catalyst beta drivers. Going back further, there was some allegedly ‘leaked’ footage purporting to show a development build of the game running on PC.

Back when GTA V was released on 360/PS3, the accompanying iFruit app had some rather suspicious references to a PC version of the game in its code, too.

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  • Asteria

    Based on all the other rumours I am not convinced yet. Rockstar are being so quiet about a PC release it’s hard to believe. Will PC gamers even care now?

  • i am not a troll

    pc gamers can suck it…. consoles are better than pcs and playing on a pc makes you look like a frigging greek.

    • Jackson

      Is it because you can’t afford a decent PC? or because you just don’t know the power of a PC in terms of Video-Games?.

    • you are a troll

      better graphics. cheaper games. dont have to pay to play online.

    • 100% a troll

      typical console gamer kids… keep reinforcing that stereotype please. At least on the PC we don’t have to deal with idiots like you.

    • Chefticles

      Wow, it speaks…Shame it can’t spell geek. I happen to have a gaming PC, 360 and a PS3 and I’m waiting for the PC version of GTA, because it will be infintely better…Tosser.

      • Chefticles

        ….And I can’t spell infinitely. Nobhead

    • Yes you are a troll!

      Look who us a frigging greek. You!

  • marian

    i am not a troll, you can suck my dick console kiddo, PC is way better in every way.

  • Carl Pain

    Ohhh I love it i cant wait to get it on PS4 an a PC oh yeah baby before i become prime minister

  • Vuceks

    YEA its coming and i gram already preorde coppy for nice price here:

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Definately a tactics of retailers now. But if I were a retailer and Rockstar Games called me up and said they wanted me to sell some copies for PC, I’d be like “hell yeah I will” and get the word out on my store asap. I think that’s what’s happened here, we can only hope desu.

  • Yes you are a troll!

    A PS3 and XBOX360 without a coller they suck big hard, the console just burn so much, and i think some people have them exploded. We want for PC GTA V! Hates gonna to Hate!