GTA V PC listed on Amazon France and Germany

gta v

Are we getting closer to a GTA V PC announcement? While we usually don’t pay too much attention to retailer dates and listings but it does seem odd that both Amazon in France and Germany now have the game listed for sale.

According to the two sites, they will be selling it for 59.99 Euros but as expected there is no release date listed in the entries. There is still no listing on Amazon UK or US.

Word on the street is that the PC version may appear some time in March which is six months after the original console releases.

Evidence of the PC version has been popping up every few weeks or so, most recently in the new AMD Catalyst Beta drivers, so this is just the latest piece of evidence to increase the hype for the PC version.

Thanks Dualshockers.

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  • juancho

    In GTA V O clock (CVG amazing show) speculates that the PC is the lead plattaform. If this is true that will be amazing!
    Back in time i had suspicions that some pictures that they launched during their marketing process the graphics looked too good to be for consoles.
    what do you think guys?

    • Rushster

      This is what I think everyone is thinking due to the fact it’s referenced in a lot of the console game files and the recent AMD driver mentions. The good news is the PC version should look excellent.

      • juancho

        Yes, not will be a port! That are amazing news. Will look insane!. I expect for news after febraury 3 (Take Two financial meeting).