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GTA V to GTA IV PC mod gets more gameplay footage

gta v modA new video usually pops up at the end of the week for the GTA V to GTA IV mod and this week is no exception.

This new video shows more of Los Santos being lovingly recreated and mod creator ZZCool says that the lighting is “a bit off” in this video compared to GTA V. He also mentions that “huge parts of the city” have been now been completed which if good news for anyone wanting to try this eventually.

There’s still no release date for the mod but progress is apparently coming along nicely.

If you missed the last video you can check that out here.

I wonder if this will be completed before the PC version actually does arrive now that more pre-orders have started popping up.

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  • bobby hill

    Its funny how theres no traffic. and ima laugh if rockstar never releases gta v for PC.

    • boomhauer

      It’s because them dang ol’ t-traffic paths haven’t been created yet..i tell ya b-b-bobby it takes time, dang ol’ dunce.

  • FAcu

    The sales for cosoles are decressing a lot (check vga chartz) so i think that the announcement is coming in febraury.
    The PC version will not be a port because was the lead plattaform in the development (in bug list says that). That means that will looks fantastic 🙂
    The wait will make the game more awesome and polished

  • selleckme

    The announcement is almost here.
    Great times are coming

  • mikey mikes

    Febraury will be an amazing month. Pc version will look stunning, trust me

  • juancho

    This week will be boring the next one (first of febraury) hope news about the pc version.

  • Emil N

    when this map coming on pc (gta iv)
    so i can download it i want it so mutch please leave a link when the map coming to gta iv 🙂