Hair tomorrow, teased today: AMD to style TressFX 2.0 at developer summit


Imagine this, but with her hair made out of grass. I think.

I’m not sure why I find the idea of TressFX so funny. AMD’s hair-centric technology is supposed to make hair behave more luxuriously (or something,) which is a minor but welcome addition to graphics technology. Maybe it’s because it’s called ‘TressFX’ and that sounds like a strange brand of shampoo.

Anyway, TressFX is now old news. Get ready for TressFX 2.0: Tressier Than Ever. In the list of “agenda and sessions,” under “sessions” and “gaming summit,” (as noted by NeoGaf,) AMD will be ushering people into the graphics salon to talk about their roots. Here’s the talk summary:

TressFX is AMD’s realistic hair rendering technology which renders and simulates the physics of thousands of individual strands of hair. It was first used in Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider, released earlier this year. Now AMD is introducing TressFX 2.0, a newer version of TressFX with better performance and easier integration into games. Additionally research is now being done to use TressFX for other things besides hair, like grass and fur. In this talk we will cover how TressFX rendering and physics works, the improvements made in TressFX 2.0, and the research which will be used in future products.

Better performance sounds good, as does easier integration. I support this noble quest to give in-game characters better hair (and, maybe at a later date, fur and grass.) Shine on, AMD.

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  • sorudo

    the funny thing is, they are quite behind the time.
    physX has that long before tressFX was even introduced and is really not limited with hair and fur, it can actually simulate cloth and leather as it’s own entity.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      I agree, still it would be good to see this tech or similar being used for Skyrim’s hairs. Would be awesome and hopefully limit if not solve clipping.

    • Steve

      Maybe if nvidia weren’t such greedy ******** we would see it widely used in games, instead of a select few.

      Good on AMD making it open for everyone!

    • John

      Show at least one game with PhysX’s hair. You can only see that in Nvidia tech demos. Also about cloth – CryEngine’s cloth physics looks way batter and it only uses CPU. PhysX is more like marketing tool to encourage people to spent more money on graphics cards than real physics engine.

  • Kaunain

    I appreciate the fact that AMD are looking forward to innovate and dominate the gaming industry…
    TressFX drops fps also,so i would want them to solve that problem.
    Moreover with Mantle coming i would love to see more 😀