Harmonix making next-gen combat game

It looks as though Harmonix, creators Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Dance Central, seem to be setting up to try their hand at a little combat.

Why? Because if there’s anything the videogame industry needs, it’s more games featuring combat!

The evidence comes in the form of a job posting from the developer which advertises the role of combat designer, whose duties will be to “to create real-time, single-player combat experiences for a brand new IP on next-generation hardware.” That ad goes on to say that the project “is unlike anything Harmonix has ever done before.”

In more detail, the combat designer’s job will involve:

  • Work with developers across disciplines to develop the core loop of our single-player combat gameplay.
  • Set a high quality bar for combat components: including physics, AI, camera, interface, and audio-visual effects.
  • Design and tune combat skills and abilities; overseeing creation of robust combat AI systems for minor and major combat encounters.
  • Implement key combat abilities, mechanics, AI and encounters at the script level, from development prototypes through to shipping content.
  • Maintain vision for combat at both micro level (single encounter) and macro level (skill and enemy progression, evolving variety and depth, rewards for mastery).
  • Work with lead designer, project lead and production team to set combat team priorities, manage product backlog, and ensure that feature ships complete and within scope.
  • Advocate for a fun, deep and accessible combat experience, working closely with the user experience team.
  • Assist with systems design and scripting tasks as needed.
Surely Harmonix are not going to create a game that doesn’t feature music in some form or other? A combat musical, then? West Side Story: The Game… that’s got music and knives.

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    “Advocate for a fun, deep and accessible combat experience, working closely with the user experience team.” Deep and accessible contradict in any game, it either is deep tactically through its animations and combos like Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast or shallow. The requirements make it sound like the game has to be perfect first time round, not really feasible, just look at other games finding what core works for them.