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Kings & Castles will be made if Wildman is funded say Chris Taylor

The Wildman Kickstarter trundles along for Gas Powered Games but one of the common questions people have been asking is whether their “on-hold” title Kings & Castles will be made at some point.

According to Chris Taylor, the medieval strategy game will eventually be made but it all depends on the success of the Wildman Kickstarter which will allow the studio to “bootstrap up” and allow them to ” make their way into the bigger games. Taylor reiterates that Kings & Castles is a much bigger game on the scale of Supreme Commander and will be expensive to make.

In the video Chris also answers more questions about the the ARPG Wildman which is really needing another push to reach the  $1.1 Kickstarter goal.

Yesterday Another Wildman video was also released which shows off the game’s mod tools.

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  • So if they can get funding via Kickstarter for Wildman they can use the profits from that to create Kings & Castles. I wonder if there would be enough profits from that to finance a project of that cost (who knows what that would cost) or whether they would have to set up another Kickstarter to make up the difference needed.

    It would be a shame if he can’t do it as he’s behind some cracking titles and it would be nice if other devs could get behind this like they did with Molyneux, Braben and Chris Roberts with their tweeting, facebooking and general pimpage.

    • psyounger

      Agreed. Having loved so many GPG over the years it would be tragic to see it go, Need to get more folk behind this!