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Lording it over the opposition: Lords of Football launch trailer


The phrase that keeps popping up in relation to Lords of Football is Football Manager meets The Sims. Rather than spending hour upon hour deciding whether you need to “invert the pyramid” or “play a man in the hole,” this football sim seems to focus more on keeping a close watch on the behaviour of your players.

Making sure none of them turn into Joey Barton, basically.

While you do have control over what happens on the pitch (via match commands,) it seems like the man-management and motivational sides of things will be the paths to success.

Here’s the launch trailer to give you more of an idea. I’ve just got my hands on some review code, so the IncGamers review will be up in a week or so.

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  • nasarius

    Really looking forward to your review. It’s a very ambitious game concept with lots of potential, but it’s the kind of thing that could also go badly wrong and just be a mediocre football-themed version of The Sims. I’m hoping for the best.

  • Tim McDonald

    Bizarrely, considering my total lack of interest in football (and that’s speaking as someone who used to work at a bookies), I’m actually looking forward to that review too. It’s a really interesting concept, and it could be quite a fascinating title – IF it lives up to its potential.

  • Kodiak

    After a quick play – Oh gawd no.

    (and on a separate note, how the hell did it have a quarter of a million likes on facebook? f-in football fans)

  • nasarius

    Well, I managed to borrow a copy and play through a season in about five hours. All the nightlife stuff is a superfluous, annoying distraction.

    I effortlessly won the Double with definitely-not-Tottenham-Hotspur-for-licensing-reasons despite having more booze problems than the Arsenal team of the early 90s. I spent very little time with nightlife micromanagement in the first half of the season, and none at all in the second half. There’s no interesting gameplay choices, it’s just busywork.

    The rest of the game is a lot more interesting, if still flawed. If they’d just ditched all the nonsense and spent that time developing the football side of the game, it could replace FIFA Manager as a casual management game. But after winning everything but the Champions League in my first season, I see no reason to continue.

    It’s not as bad as it could’ve been. It’s an interesting curiosity that’s certainly better than, say, Kairosoft’s Pocket League Story. Too bad it’s not much more than that.