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The Mandate’s ship combat trailer raises shields, fires when ready

the mandate

Still-in-Kickstarter tactical space RPG The Mandate is barreling along with all sorts of teasers and interactive toys to try to get you to pledge some cash. Today: a trailer showing off space combat.

Specifically, this new vid has battle squadron Azimov – commanded by the player, loyal to the Mandate in this video – going to the aid of the starship Zukov, under attack by pirates. At least, that’s what it apparently shows. What I saw was various spaceships with shields firing at each other while bombastic military music played in the background.

The Mandate looks genuinely interesting, and it’s one of those things I really want to see get backed. Right now, developer Perihelion Interactive are at $174,000 of their $500,000 goal, with 34 days to go.

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  • Asta

    Nothing will be ever comparable to Homeworld 2 with PDS mod 🙁

  • Asta

    And I could be soo simple just make a Homeword-like/Total war-like game with nice graphics and there you win ! I mean who wouldnt lke that ?