New Command & Conquer shots show the Frostbite power

The Command & Conquer franchise is getting a reboot and here at IncGamers towers we are super excited at the prospect of the series returning. Let’s face it, C&C4 wasn’t exactly brilliant.

The new C&C is powered by the the impressive Frostbite engine and these shots show exactly what we can look forward to and also brings some tasty looking physics to the party which will have an impact on the actual gameplay. The development team are also concentrating initially on the game’s multiplayer to get the balancing right which is an extremely good move.

This new game goes back the C&C Generals timeline so some of the units you see in the shots are from the original game along with new ones to spice things up. This won’t be the end of the C&C story though, the series will revisit other timelines such as Red Alert and the Tiberian games. It’s an exciting time for C&C fans.

Enjoy the screens.

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    Can’t wait for this, also want to know if China is still in generals 2.

  • IMO red alert stopped at RA2, RA3 is nothing more then C&C4 with RA elements in it.
    everything you know about RA is gone, the soviets have a weapon that is supposedly replacing the nuke which it fails at and they added a third team called the rising sun which has no place in RA.

    i really hope they made this one a proper C&C title with the original design and planning.