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New Sim City trailer shows off three major landmarks

The Digital Deluxe Edition of Sim City is pretty pricey at £65.00, but if you are going to break the bank and go for it, then there are bonus extras such as world famous landmarks. On show in this new trailer are the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate and the Big Ben Clock Tower.

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  • I hate these extra packages because they always seem such a rip off but I love Sim City so I will probably end up buying this. I guess I’m their target market for it then.

    I enjoyed my hour beta testing at the weekend. Like everyone else it who played it the 1 hour limit seemed woefully short but I still managed to go broke. I think when the 10 minute warning came up there was also a message up the top that said ‘you will go broke in 3 hours’.

    Things got needy and expensive really quickly. No sooner had I got water and sewage down and they were asking for garbage disposal, police, fire station and hospital, I think they were all 20k and above and I couldn’t build them until I had the money in the bank, couldn’t go into debt. I whacked the tax up to 13% which the townspeople didn’t like but they could stomach 12% but still it was all over really. Wish I had longer to test out those early stages again.