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Reforged in Steam: Realms of Arkania remake gets a pre-order discount

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny

Confession time: I’ve never played any of the Realms of Arkania series. Now might be a good opportunity to start though, as the first in the RPG saga (Blade of Destiny) is getting the remake treatment in time for release on 30 July. All of the Cities and Dungeons can now be explored in full 3D, and developers Crafty Studios are promising a “comprehensive overhaul of every aspect of the gameplay”; which may or may not be good, depending on whether you want the gameplay overhauled.

By the looks of June’s trailer (below,) the turn-based combat is still intact, so it’s not like the game became fully real-time all of a sudden. Hopefully the “overhauling” is restricted to bug fixes and user-interface issues. The promotional blurb does also call this a “one-to-one” remake of the 1992 original, so that’s … confusing. It’s the same, but overhauled!

Anyway, if you want to risk it (and save a bit of money in the process,) Steam has the game at 20% off during the pre-order period. That makes it $16.00, rather than $20.00 USD.

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny

The release version will presumably have an English language option.

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny

Otherwise this tactical combat will be even more challenging than usual.

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  • nasarius

    The Realms of Arkania series has long been at or near the very top of my list of favorite CRPGs, though it’s hampered by a truly awful interface. If they’ve managed to fix that, great.

    Judging from that character sheet, it’s definitely still using the old version of the “Das Schwarze Auge” ruleset (rather than the newer one as seen in Drakensang), so that at least hasn’t changed.

    • Tim McDonald

      I didn’t play these games. I remember looking at the screenshots in games magazines and thinking they looked marvellous, but I just never got around to it. I think I’ve got the first two Arkania games on GOG, but from what you’ve said I should probably wait for this remake.

      I’m usually alright with playing older games, but if they have rubbish interfaces, I find it hard to get to grips with them unless I already have experience with them (Dungeon Master and Carrier Command both have incredibly unintuitive interfaces, but I still enjoy playing both).

      • nasarius

        I found a beta video which shows they’ve significantly improved the combat interface, which was easily the worst part of the UI. Just a mess of menus and submenus.

        It’s a classic turn-based RPG where you can build your entire six-member party from scratch at the beginning. If that sounds interesting, it’s probably worth a try.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Hey guys, I wanted to know more this, like the classes and skills etc so I found the whole manual from the Amiga version, it’s really in-depth like Neverwinter nights in terms of character generation and possibily more so.