Secret World free to play weekend coming next week

If you have not checked out Funcom’s new MMORPG The Secret World then you can take advantage of a special free to play weekend to celebrate one month since the game launched.

The event will start on 3 August at 4PM GMT and run until 7 August at 7AM GMT. Players who took part in the Beta and who have not yet purchased the game will also be able to login with their existing characters.

There will be  30 in-game missions and players can receive a special in-game t-shirt and 1200 bonus points. There is also a special in-game t-shirt to be won and players will be able to acquire 15 free fireworks to celebrate the first  month of the game being live.

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  • sorudo

    sounds like a sign from them, a sign that their game isn’t faring as well as they like it to fare.
    expect it go fully F2P in the near future, actions like this don’t happen for no reason.

  • Free to play weekend after 3 weeks launch ?

    Even SW TOR waited 6 weeks to include that …

    Except for WOW and EVE, the times of single subscription based games are over.

    Too much choice and too much subpar quality and heavy economic depressions/recessions is the cause.

  • Djstar

    That is a lot quicker than I expected.

  • Zombie101

    hardly surprising. MMOs don’t seem to be getting any more popular but more and more are coming out. doesn’t make any sense