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Sounds of Space Command: Halo 4’s weapon noises [Video]

Do you enjoy weapon noises? Do you like slow, lingering pans across virtual weaponry? Are you eager to play Halo 4 and want to see flashes of multiplayer with a whole load of different guns? Well then, it’s a handy thing this video contains all of the above or this whole ordeal would’ve been quite the anti-climax.

If you just want to dive in to the video, head below. If you fancy reading (literally) thousands of words about each of the United Nations Space Command weapons, click through to this Halo Bulletin page.

The Assault Rifle, DMR, Magnum, Battle Rifle, Shotgun, SAW, Sticky Detonator, Railgun, Spartan Laser, Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle are all here.

Halo 4 is coming to the Xbox 360 on 6 November.

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