Squadron 42 would fund Star Citizen if cash ran out

Star Citizen video shows revamped ship UI

In a new interview with German magazine Gamestar which covers Star Citizen‘s latest developments, Chris Roberts does not seem concerned about cash.

For the past year there has been concern about the funding of Star Citizen: would CIG run out of cash before they could release a game that was close to their original vision? In the interview, Roberts states that should the monthly income dry up, they still have enough cash to finish Squadron 42. The income from the sale of the single-player Squadron 42 could then be used to fund the full project. Roberts explained:

“First of all, we always have a decent amount of money in reserve, so if all support would collapse, we would not suddenly be incapacitated. We plan the scope of the development based on what arrives monthly by the people to support. I’m not worried, because even if no money came in, we would have sufficient funds to complete Squadron 42. The revenue from this could in-turn be used for the completion of Star Citizen.”

This sounds like a good plan but the scope of Star Citizen is vast, and there are still lots of issues to resolve such as networking, which was mentioned in the interview.

Perhaps, in hindsight, the project should have focused on the single player Squadron 42 first as a separate game before pushing out all the different modules. At least that way backers would be enjoying the game world CIG are trying to create – and they would also have an actual game.

With backers still ploughing money into the project through ship sales, it’s unlikely money will stop coming in. At least if the funding did fall apart, there might be a cracking single-player campaign to enjoy.

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  • Markus Stoehr

    So what Chris Roberts actually says is that the money needed to finish the development of SQ42 (which might still need 1-2 years) will be collected after release? Ok, so how will he pay the salaries of 300+ employees for the coming 1-2 years then? And also: Most people interested in this game have already “bought” a copy of SQ42! So should SQ42 not become that BDSSE he might maybe sell ZERO additional copies! Not looking good for the SC project …

    • Psionicinversion

      hahaha nope. Hes saying they have enough money to finish SQ42 and then use the money from additional sales to help finish Star Citizen if the money dried up today. So if they receive no more money at all from us they still have the money to finish sq42

      then if the worst thing happened and they didnt have the money to finish SC all they would have to do is accept funding from MS or Sony to do a port of sq42 to console then boom lots more money

      • Markus Stoehr

        The only problem: If SQ42 still needs an additional 1-2 years to complete, where does the money come from to maintain 300+ salaries? From sales you will do 1-2 years later? Interesting logic! And where does the money come to use for refunds? It’s already burned so they will need to go to the bank to ask for a loan? Scarry projection for all current backers …

        • Psionicinversion

          it wont need 2 years. SC needs 2 years, SQ42 should be out this year unless they keep trying to add crap. its supposed to be feature locked but depends if they want more and more tech into it. they have $141milll but theyve probably only spent about $100-110mill at this point. Obviously its speculation but they should have at least $20mill in reserve.

          • NoEresTuSoyYo

            “SC needs 2 years” Ha Ha Ha

            That is what u surely said 2 years ago.

            • Psionicinversion

              yeah the first episode but all 3 are like 3 full games and will last for longer than most single player linearish games. 20 hours of playtime for the first episode, longer than the order 1886, uncharted, rise of the tomb raider, etc etc. Keep on crying about awesomeness for less money

            • NoEresTuSoyYo

              How do you know that?

              Nobody know that SQ42 EP1 contains. Too many cutscenes maybe? lol

            • Psionicinversion

              How do I know that hmmm let’s see it could be because that’s the estimated play time by Roberts and his whole team!!

            • NoEresTuSoyYo


              No Again Please.

              Wanna talk about Estimates? Star Marine Delayed. DFM Delayed. SQ42 DELAYED.

              Ohh yea. 28 chapters (60+ Missions) and 20 hours of performance capture (MoCap)


              No way they release that in the next 2 years. Maybe EP1.

            • Psionicinversion

              its supposed to be about 50 hours long for all 3 episodes. split 20/15/15

              how much mocap did you think Uncharted had eh? alot more than that. 20 hours performance capture doesnt mean 20 hours of the game is cutscenes otherwise 40% of the game youd be doing nothing.

              of course theyll release it, easy this year. As there working on the tech for the PU and the ships and locations and stuff all that will be ready to go for the episode 2 then 3… its not like a normal game where youd go away then craft the next stuff. its being done anyway

            • NoEresTuSoyYo

              50 hours ? Ha Ha

              No way. That is like developing 3 games the same time.

              And read the interview:

              “” Roberts says. »Squadron 42 takes place in a complete, open solar system, in which you can travel freely between the planets. But you cannot have all the data at once in memory, but you need so-called containers containing certain areas. ”

              The streaming is also run always in the background, so that the
              player does not notice it, if a new field (or a new object container) is loaded into memory. “However, we need this technology not only for Squadron 42, but also for Update 3.0.”

              Ever seems Update 3.0 and the associated features to have had a
              significant impact on the displacement of the single-player campaign at 2017. “”

              Seems SQ42 is being delayed one more time lol


            • Psionicinversion

              its not like developing 3 games at all. Its the same as Witcher 3, you had the main game then expansions of hearts of stone and blood and wine. Same thing.

              Guess what you cant have any open world game all loaded into memory at once so keep on crying. Besides that stuff is background tech it doesnt stop the content from being generated for SQ42. seeing as all the background tech is done now pretty much it will be easy to get it out in 2017.

            • NoEresTuSoyYo

              Why are u comparing a single player RPG game like The Witcher 3 and a MMO Game, aka Star Citizen, that includes a single player campaign (SQ42) and a lot of stuff like Star Marine, Arena Commander or a Racing Mode?

              Also, they used stuff of the final game (The Witcher 3) to release two expansions.

              Star Citizen is not finishd yet.

            • Psionicinversion

              because witcher 3 had expansion…. squadron 42 has expansions thats what part 2 and 3 are really. ah yes i forgot Toussaint a completely different area in witcher 3 was used in the witcher game lmao. you talk some rubbish.

              star citizen doesnt need to be finished as long as the solar systems for the next 2 episodes/expansions are done before they start working on it which they should be

            • NoEresTuSoyYo

              Wait wait wait, The Witcher 3 is a released game and it had two big expansions.

              ¿And now you are talking about expansions for an unfinished game aka SQ42?

              It’s not the same thing.

              Update 3.0 needs to be finished because some tech from it will be applied to SQ42.

              Good luck waiting for th campaign mode this year.

            • Psionicinversion

              It’s the same thing, those witcher expansions were planned from the beginning just like squadrons so it is the same thing.

              That tech will be done now there’s just alot more stuff than that that’s going into 3.0

            • Stan

              But where is the trailer Commando ?

            • Domaldel

              They’re not developing 3 games at the same time.
              They’re developing *four* games at the same time.
              3 of them are single player/coop.

            • concern00

              Hey that’s a reliable source!

            • Stan

              Hey man don’t you know this is like AAA PC game development and that takes like 50 million years on average man ….

        • Black_Patriot

          What do you mean? The money is already in CIG’s accounts, they’ve projected that they currently have enough money to finish Squadron 42 if they focused all their attention on it. Then they’d use the sales from that to continue developing Star Citizen, and presumably if Squadron 42 was successful then the money from backers would resume, providing an additional revenue stream.

          • Psionicinversion

            problem is most of the sales for sq42 are gone. people already own the game and i doubt it will sell millions. theyve probably got 500,000 max more sales and thats one thing i dont think the people in charge realise

            • Black_Patriot

              500,000 more sales at $45USD (which is the current price of Squadron 42 stand-alone) is $22,500,000, even if they only got half that that’s still $10,000,000+. Seems like quite a bit of money. Add in all the people who might also buy Star Citizen gives you even more money for development.

              If the CEO of CIG isn’t worried about their finances (and he’d presumably have access to their financial projections), then I don’t see why anyone else should be concerned. Not to mention they almost certainly have a better grasp on game sales than I think you’re giving them credit.

            • Psionicinversion

              22.5mill isnt enough to finish star citizen for 2 years though. The problem is when Sandi was on batgirl pod cast she was talking about 5,10,15million i assume players. Im worried that if shes the one thats crunched the numbers shes only looked at the best selling pc games of all time like GTA and world of warcraft. hope theyve actually gone to a proper company to tell them what there expected sales will be.

            • Black_Patriot

              As I said, that’s assuming your sales numbers, which came from where exactly? For all we know it’ll sell millions of copies. And you’re ignoring the potential for it to re-ignite ship sales for Star Citizen.

              Chris Roberts has shipped several games, his brother Erin has shipped several games, almost all their developers have worked at large gaming studios. I’m pretty sure with such an experienced staff they have a pretty good idea of their actual sales projections, and therefore financial forecast.

            • Psionicinversion

              where did my sales come from…. ummm sales on steam. its a fact 99% of PC games sell under 2million. lots sell less than 1.5mill. RotR = 1.2mill sales for instance. W3 did really well at 1.75mill from CDPR last official numbers.

              its a fact majority of PC games do not sell millions that is why no game dev/publisher does expensive PC only games. they want it on console to.

              Roberts hasnt been in the games industry for 10-20 years. Erin just worked on lego games mainly cranking them out. The simple fact is it is not going to sell millions but if it did it would have to exceptional. GTA5 has 6.4million owners according to steamspy not including rockstar social club but GTA5 is an exceptional game everybody likes. its probably even beat BF1 and COD.

            • Black_Patriot

              Those Lego games sold well and produced a profit, otherwise they wouldn’t keep making them, especially given the expense of licensing the properties (Disney don’t come cheap), so clearly Erin knows how to make and sell a game. Discounting Chris is doing him a disservice, sure this is the first game he’s made in quite a while, but do you really think he wouldn’t consult with people in the industry? He’d have a far better idea than you or I about how a game will sell.

              The majority of games (not just PC, multi-platform too) don’t get over $140 million dollars to develop with, they don’t have 300+ people working on them, and those that do all have greedy publishers pushing for maximum profit. Star Citizen and Squadron 42 have more money available for their development than basically any other PC game in history. You say it would be exceptional for it to sell millions, well it already is exceptional, it’s the largest crowd funded Video Game in history (and 2nd largest project overall), and one of the highest budgeted games ever.

              Add to the fact that you’re still discounting sales of other stuff (merchandise, ships for SC, people buying SC because they like S42). It sounds like you just want to paint a negative light on Star Citizen and Squadron 42 for the sake of it, not because there’s any real cause for concern.

            • Psionicinversion

              ive got equivalent of $400 in SC, im just being realistic and Erin didnt sell anything related to lego games. He just worked there he had nothing to do with marketing or anything.

              I said the GAME would have to be exceptional to sell millions. ship sales will stop when SC is released. SC will have a lower user base than sq42 if they dont buy it at the same time because its much more long winded and is definately niche. To see about the potentially user base and continued base for SC you have to look at eve online and elite dangerous as a guide.

            • Black_Patriot

              What do you mean he didn’t sell anything, he was studio director, so he was in charge of making the games. Bit difficult to sell them if they aren’t any good, so to say he had nothing to do with it is disingenuous at best, dishonest at worst.

              It’s already exceptional, and it has already sold millions of dollars worth (over $141m to be precise) so I don’t really see what you’re getting at. Why would SC have a lower user base? Surely if someone buys Squadron 42 and then likes it, they’re likely to buy Star Citizen too, why do they have to buy it at the same time.

              Elite Dangerous hasn’t had the same response as Star Citizen (possibly because Wing Commander seems to be more well known than Elite), and Eve is basically a different demographic, being far more focused on managing a corporation than the kind of first person experience as Star Citizen.

              There;s been no mention of ship sales stopping after release, if anything they’ll continue to develop new models and variants. Add to that Chapters 2 and 3 of Squadron 42 and I don’t think they’ll have any issue raising money.

            • Psionicinversion

              Yes they have mentioned it ALL the time. Ships sales will stop on release, if you dont know that simple piece of info you know nothing about the game. Ship sales are there to fund the game. On release game sales and microtransactions will fund the game. The only thing planned is certain amount of purchaseable UEC a day and vanity items. they may have an optional subscription, never been mentioned but i think its one thing they will do. Ships will continue to be developed and stuff but it will come from the micros and game sales.

              Star Citizen is much more niche than a single player game if you dont understand that then you dont understand gamers at all.

              Lego games have an approx 6 month dev time. look at these stats on lego games look at owners and you tell me if those sales are good


              last lego game, 140k one before it 116k, 232k they are not good game sales. each one has small budgets they just rely on knocking out as many as they can. bit like Telltale games they are starting to rely on quantity

            • Neoblade

              CR speaks from the WORST CASE scenario, that means when incoming cash stops now and when he needs three more years for the development of Star Citizen.

              SC has already almost the highest development budgets of all time, that means more budget than all games before incl. games with 10 years development time like The Last Guardian or FFXV.


              And a PC only game sells always more units on the PC plattform than a multiplattfrom title.


            • Psionicinversion

              worst case scenario… dayum i thought he was talking about now hahaha.

              We’ll see how many they sell

            • NoEresTuSoyYo

              BURN BABY BURN

            • briguy

              Correction, CIG did say that they would revisit their stance on “after-release” ship sales in the future. It is not written in stone that ships won’t be available for purchase after release. So, Black_Patriot could be correct.

            • Psionicinversion

              no hes not right because he said they have never mentioned it which they have done many times. I think it will be an option for them to do it if they cant get in enough revenue from the microtransactions but then internet will explode with pay 2 win and paint a massively bad light on everything even though it kind of isnt. Just pay 2 get somewhere faster

            • Harbinger73

              Elite Dangerous is doing just fine. Frontier stated they were at 1.8m units (to end of August 2016) when they published their year end figures to their shareholders in September 2016. It’s quite likely they’ve since managed 2m units (there’s a trading update due out any time now so we’ll find out soon) but that’s gradual sales over the span of 2 full years post release and on multiple platforms to boot. Frontier also have multiple income streams with which to support their game. (Planet Coaster has sold over 500K units in the 2 months since it released.)

              The problem for Squadron 42 is CIG have already tapped a large portion of their potential PC niche market in pre-sales (the majority are already entitled to it for free) so it’s likely the funds from newcomers will come in much slower than people are prepared to admit. It’s also not a given that those purchasing for the single player game will be interested in throwing money at CIG for the promise of Star Citizen’s eventual release.

              In the worst case scenario and assuming CIG actually do have enough money held in reserve to get Squadron 42 out of the door they will be able to reinvest that money into Star Citizen but will it be enough to maintain ~360 developers and 4 studios when all other funding has dried up? I personally don’t think it will, not without a serious downsize anyway and if they start downsizing then you can add a few more years onto Star Citizen’s release.

            • Neoblade

              You cant compare Star Citizen with Elite.
              Squadron 42 will have a much wider audience than Elite.
              SQ42 is a story driven Singleplayer campaign with Hollywood actors like Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill and Gillian Anderson with top notch graphics.
              Thats what the most gamers love.

            • Cloverfield

              That is just your gut feeling based on the bombastic marketing campaign by CIG I am afraid. Facts beg to differ. Current quality of the alpha and abismally poor concurrency player numbers tell a very different story for SC I am afraid.

            • Neoblade

              SQ42 is not a multiplayer game, that means it needs no servers and multiplayer mechanics like the PU.
              Not to mentioned that every game which was ever developed had bugs in the alpha, because its an alpha you know.
              And a bombastic marketing campaign generates sales, thats the reason why publisher use marketing for their games.

            • Psionicinversion

              main thing is its just an alpha thats building up. when theres much more substance to play by next year itll be much better. as it stands its not worth putting in tons of time atm for the normal player. Alpha 3 is where it will start really with a full system but even then its for the die hards really. Lucky for me Sea of Thieves launches sometimes this year so it will tide me over till its much further along… who doesnt want to be a low down dirty pirate cruising the high seas drinking run and blowing other ships up 😀

            • Harbinger73

              I disagree, you can compare Star Citizen and Elite, they’re both aiming for very similar experiences but taking different approaches to get there.

              You can’t exactly compare Squadron 42 with Elite if that’s what you mean. Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare vs Squadron 42 is probably a more apt comparison. That has some well known actors, perhaps not on the same level as Gary Oldman but definitely on the same sort of level as Gillian Anderson with Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) and Claudia Black (Farscape/Stargate: SG1).

              Chris is just stuck in the 90s, thinking back to when FMV videos were all the rage. He just didn’t get the memo that actors don’t sell a game for you. If actors were a major selling point then their names would be emblazened upon the case much in the same way as they are on movie posters and they aren’t. They simply get a credit in the game manual and in the end of game credits.

              Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare performed below Activision’s expectations because it didn’t appeal to their core playerbase and those who are interested in playing such a game despite not being a major fan of FPS games are so few in number.

              Space games are a niche, plain and simple. There simply isn’t a massive demand for them. Interest has certainly grown in recent years but it’s still a niche.

            • Neoblade

              Actors sell games when you use the right actors in the right way.
              Mark Hamill was Luke Skywalker, Gary Oldman was Gordan in Batman, Andy Serkis was Gollum, John Ryse Davies was Grimly in LotR, Gillian Anderson was the Lead actress in X-files and more.
              Thats are Characters of a wide audience which not just used for some random cut scenes, they will used for the complete story ingame when you have full control about your character.
              Thats the reason why CR has focused the first SQ42 trailer on the actors.


              SC is a pc only game based on a fresh ip and its not a CoD 20.
              Niche is a market until the first blockbuster game appears.
              In the 90’s was the space games and strategy games like C&C and Warcraft the main market for publishers.
              The shooter market is since the 2000s the main market.

            • Harbinger73

              I know who the actors are, your regular game purchaser couldn’t give a damn. It’s simply not a consideration when buying a game.

            • Psionicinversion

              well in this case im not so sure. If you center a trailer around those actors it will definately help sales because who wouldnt want to fly around with skywalker, see if he did any jedi mind tricks and stuff!!!

            • Harbinger73

              I’m sure the Disney’s team of lawyers would love that. 😉

              At best you’d get a minor bump based upon the actors, nothing more. The only thing it’s contributed to IMHO is a massive dent in the budget. Hiring all those actors and recording at Imaginarium will have cost 10s of millions.

            • Psionicinversion

              hahaha first thing people think about with hamill is skywalker so yeah that will definately drive some sales or at least may push people over the hill to buy it if there not sure. they had a budget of $10-15mill i think for the mocap. then of course they got to pay 3 lateral to for the facial work if thats not included. The actors probably wont cost as much as you think cus they dont get the same rates for mocap work as they do for normal on screen stuff.

              you got admit though The Old Man trailer with Hamill in looks awesome, its probably 3x better than it was now.

              I just need some sq42 stuff but they might be saving it for the PC gamer weekender middle of February. I just want it in 4K HDR

            • Neoblade

              Its a selling point, when the story based on the interaction with the characters like in the game The Last of Us.

            • Stan

              Where is the trailer ?

            • Stan

              Where is the demo again ? ATM it would be prudent to assume that there is NO SQ42 and CR is wasting the money on developing it. As sold, it will remain a pipe dream or at best will be released as a shell of a “game” as a measure to try and reduce legal claims from backers because they got something called “SQ42” that loads on a PC.

              It isn’t going to be a “game” many want to play, never mind pay for.

            • Joe_Blober

              Stan… another minion of the master troll.
              Yours comments are pathetic at best.
              Why not sshoote vaporware, con and Jpegs like a good troll do?

              Do not be shy 🙂

              Meanwhile, CR announced today in Gamestars that SQ42 and SC 3.0 are planned for 2017.
              Without surprise, reading at yours others comments, you shoot the word Refund. And without surprise, this is the last attempt of the Master Troll we do not name to try slow down funding. His hater campaign as feld as everything he have tried to do in the past two decades. CIG gathered, on January 21st, during a flat month without any major publication, 2M$…

              Admit that you failed to stop Chris Roberts and the SC community who have eyes to see what they got already (Arena Commander, PU, SM which are all modules for test not the final game).. 🙂

            • Harbinger73

              Just as an update to this. It seems Frontier have released their trading update this morning and stated “By the end of December 2016 a total of over 2.1 million paid franchise units had been sold.”. (Elite Dangerous)

              They also validated SteamSpy’s estimates were pretty close to the real state of affairs with regards to Planet Coaster by stating they had sold over 500K units by the end of December. (SteamSpy was within 20K units of 500K on Dec 31st).

            • Stan

              It is easy to sell shit to nerds, and parents that dont know much about games but want to buy little Billy a present.

            • Stan

              Get s refund. or sell those jpegs on Reddit SC trades and put those $ into a proper investment. If SC is ever released you can buy it then.

            • Stan

              And yet they still cant project manage ………

            • Stan

              Don’t be silly. Get a REFUND before the flood gates open and there is no refunnd $ left for you.

            • Stan

              Because he has NO INCENTIVE to lie to the “investors”. He does have a track record of lying and over promising and not delivering, but don’t let those FACTS get in the way of your delusion. Just because your dear leader said something, is no basis to believe what he said is the truth. Remember folks GET A REFUND while you still can.

            • Joe_Blober
            • Stan

              Wait till more Chinese Commandos enter the Space Race.

        • samplerico

          They said twice to you: they actually have enough money to do SQ42… again? they have NOW, ACTUALLY the money to finish SQ42.

          Anyway, all this is Chris Roberts asking “worst case scenario” questions… i don’t even think they don’t have the money to Finish all the project, and theyre still selling stuff like crazy people is giving them more money than ever, the porject is more and more promoted and known by the general public… Star Citizen has a lot of issues, and CIG has done a lot of stupid thjings in the past that costs time and money fo the development i am most of the time reasonably skeptical, critic and excited.

          But one thing i am sure 100%, CIG know hos to sell stuff, specially ships and the money will not dry up so easily…

          • Markus Stoehr

            It’s not because “the project is more and more promoted and known by the general public” that they will automatically make more and more money. We all remember very good what happen to NMS: There was a lot of superlatives around this project – now it has become an object for mockery! I am quite sure the same will happen to SC because CIG and Chris Roberts are simply incompetent! 😉

            • samplerico

              yeah, and how many copys sold NMS? remember we are talking about money, not about the game, i can talk about the game but its not related. And BTW i can be very critic with CIG, as i said theyve done stupid things in the past but that again, doesn’t mean they will run out of money, these are two diferent things, and one thing CIG knows very well how to do is selling ships, so no i don’t think CIG will run out of money any time soon period.

            • Stan

              Selling JPEGs not ships.

            • samplerico

              There your not nice, theyve delivered already lots of ships pretty cool, very well designed and modeled with some bugs here and there but flyable, they still have to deliver lots more but with ships theyre in time. Believe me, we can criticise CIG a lot of things but making good looking ships and selling them its not one of them.

            • Joe_Blober

              Do not bother trying to convince him. he is Manze alt:

            • Bjørn Sandåker

              I recognize you from the SC thread(s) in the ED forums, which is full of earlier backers banned from the RSI forums. You’re one of the notorious haters who have no interest in SC but use a lot of time to talk shit about the game, Chris Roberts, and CIG. Why don’t you keep to that cess pool, where many other haters are – including Derek Smart.

            • Zetta

              And I remember you from the SC thread on the ED forums where you would constantly call people haters and then get upset being called a whale in response, bearing in mind that you had spent more than $18,000 at that time (2 years or more ago).

            • Bjørn Sandåker

              I wasn’t talking to you, but since you bring it up “whale” is a derogatory term and is used only to characterize people negatively in games. I react to ALL words spoken with ill intent.

              And you have no idea how much or little I have pledged. Which is also totally irrelevant and not interesting to anyone – except the haters.

            • Stan

              He paid for the coffee machine.

          • Stan

            And yet there is still no trailer. Even if we accept your claim that they have the $$$ many of us don’t think they have the brains or the ability.

            • samplerico

              There youre right they still have to proove they know how to do good games. But we will see…

        • GeminiJ13

          I’m sorry. How does your reading comprehension not understand this:

          “First of all, we always have a decent amount of money in reserve, so if all support would collapse, we would not suddenly be incapacitated. We plan the scope of the development based on what arrives monthly by the people to support. I’m not worried, because even if no money came in, we would have sufficient funds to complete Squadron 42. The revenue from this could in-turn be used for the completion of Star Citizen.”

        • Ryan O’Keefe

          i believe the money to finish Sq42 is not in question, hes referring to funding The multiplayer game, to be had from Sq41 sales, if it has to be.

      • Cloverfield

        What the statement really means is that as of today CIG does not have enough money to finish both SQ42 and Star Citizen proper. Only SQ42.

        • Psionicinversion

          yeah but that was always there plan anyway do sq42 then the sales of that would help them to build the PU. even back in the kickstarter it was sq42 and beta PU then theyd of used the funds from sq42 to build it up like Frontier is doing with ED.

          Tbh if SQ42 isnt released this year its the last year im defending them

          • Cloverfield

            Hmm, no. Chris Roberts had confirmed in multiple ocasions in the past the whole game (i.e. SQ42 and SC proper) was fully funded if the pledges were to stop. This last statement in the magazine shows that that is not the case anymore, only SQ42.

            • Psionicinversion

              hmm yeah i remember that but of course they want more tech in it, need to hire more people, expand office space so yeah that estimate went out of the window.

            • Neoblade

              No, he speaks about the worst case scenario, when development takes significant longer as he has calculated from now and when the incoming cash stops.

          • Joe_Blober

            Hey man, do not burn yourself. We are at first month of 2017 and I am expecting SQ42 not before end of third quarter myself.
            SC 3.0 will come first as this tech is also used in SQ42 so by the end of the year we will have a much better picture of the remainging time, more or else 6 months.

            As you know, making such quality AAA require a good 5 years staritng day one with a company and a full team. This was not the case of CIG with less than 100 end of 2013.
            Dec. 2017 will be 5 years and change of cope and growing company the example of full guear team like EA will got translate in probably 3 years and half of full development of CIG
            What they have achieve is already amazing.

            It is going to be great.. and trust me I want it as much as you. Since the first Wing Commander I am waiting for SQ42 and SC 🙂

            In the meantime we will have the new Mass Effect to play with.

    • Bjørn Sandåker

      No. None of that is correct.

    • Malakie

      SQ42 will probably be out later this year.. Not 1-2 years from now.

      • Stan

        “probably” ? LOL

      • XyzzyFrobozz

        It’s been delayed indefinitely.

        If it was really going to be out later this year, don’t you reckon they’d say so, rather than saying “indefinitely”?

    • Ken

      1 – 2 years for Squadron 42? Are you serious?

    • DiFiasco

      Lol the salaries are accounted for in the overhead. It’s called ‘running a business’ 😉

    • Markus Stoehr

      Everything of that is absolutely correct.

  • Mtom

    Omg people missing the basic comprehension skills.

    He said IF all the funding would stop suddenly they still have money in reserve, and SQ42 which is presumably will be ready this year could bring in more to finish SC.
    I know a lot of people who said they will buy SQ42/SC when its ready but they won’t pay in crowdfunding. I know even more people who didn’t even know about the game, but they surely will if its closer to release, and trailers pop up etc.
    I also know a lot of people who said they are not spending on the game atm, but if 3.0 arrives and its good their wallets will open again.

    About the refund: they received 36 million in 2016, how much was the refunds? I will have a wild guess: $80.000 (i think a lot less, but lets stick with this). Is it worrying? Not at all.

  • AStormApproaches


    get out while you can. Don’t be the one left holding the bag.

    • NoEresTuSoyYo

      Nice Avatar, Commando

  • The Black Parrot

    funny, since no one actually gives a shit about SQ42, the only reason people care about Sq42 is because its basically their way of knowing wether or now Chris has been mismanaging their money. They just want some sort of proof ” a ” game will ever come out.

    Its ludicrous for Chris to want Sq42 out before SC.

    • Paul Younger

      I actually want Squadron 42 more than the full game. Loved StarLancer which was worked on by Warthog (Erin).

      • The Black Parrot

        the kickstarter was for Star Citizen, not SQ42, that’s the point. Chris is prioritizing a game that most of the backers don’t care about.

        • Neoblade

          What do you talking about?
          The priority was SQ42, look in the Strech Goal list.
          The Mulitplayer part should follow after SQ42.
          This was the content for a successful crowdfunding campaign of SC.

          “Regular community updates.
          Citizens with appropriate packages will get to play in the multiplayer dogfighting module.
          Citizens with appropriate packages will receive access to the 30-mission Squadron 42 campaign upon release.”

        • Lemonscampi

          Wrong and wrong, go back and inform yourself, and stop speaking for us

          Your personal opinion is not everybody elses

    • Zetta

      Much more interesting in Sq42 than the MMO side of things. Have you seen how toxic the community is? Who would want to play with people like that?

  • Cloverfield

    What the statement really means is that as of today CIG does not have
    enough money to finish both SQ42 and Star Citizen proper, contrary to
    previous statements. Only SQ42. And they need to hope and depend on future funding to finish SC.

  • vander

    “Perhaps, in hindsight, the project should have focused on the single
    player Squadron 42 first as a separate game before pushing out all the
    different modules.”

    I disagree, because the amount of feedback and bug reports they gets now is pretty amazing. All the improvements they do to Star Citizen helps Squadron 42.

    The interview is pretty interesting. Alpha 2.6.1 sounds very good and it was an pleasant surprise that they decided work on network code already on Alpha 2.6.x (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report)

    If there will not be another game like Star Citizen I don’t see why there wouldn’t be new supporters and old ones keep supporting the project as well.

  • vander
  • nopecat

    This is a potential law suit happening in the EU. He openly admits they don’t have enough money to make both games yet they do sell and market pre-orders for both on their website which is fraud. You can’t sell a product (StarCitizen) on your website when you know you can’t produce it unless more people buy into it to cover the pre-orders of the ones that already bought. This is the basic definition of a ponzi scheme.

    I give it 6 months max before we hear form the EU trade commission and consumer protection that they shutting this down.

    • doombadger

      You do talk a lot of s*** don’t you, Derek.

      • nopecat

        I see you have brought some very convincing Arguments to the discussion. I am glad you did so now everyone can see the level of crazy we are dealing with here. Well done!

  • Cymelion

    PCInvasion are you using the Google translation or have you had the original article translated by a native speaker of the language?
    I would hate for people in the comments sections to base their opinions and comments on something that might be missing context.

    • nopecat

      i grew up speaking both languages and this is exactly what he said:

      “First of all, we always have a decent amount of money in reserve, so if all support would collapse, we would not suddenly be incapacitated. We plan the scope of the development based on what arrives monthly by the people to support. I’m not worried, because even if no money came in, we would have sufficient funds to complete Squadron 42. The revenue from this could in-turn be used for the completion of Star Citizen.”

      • Matrixar

        Dont forget that the more money they have the more complete game they want to make

  • Matrixar

    I’m just concerned that s42 won’t make out for itself. And I laso hope that he was talking about the whole campaign (what is rather to not beeing reality :/) cause how will he get the money to end the second and the third episode of sq42? Im at good thought, but we will see. Also waiting for the s42 realease this year I hope

  • Stan

    Black mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matrixar

      dude what.

    • Matrixar

      Also Blackmail if even

  • Adept

    So much for “fully funded” at… was it 64 million?

  • Leperray

    As an early backer, I feel totally confident. First they have at list a year and half of cash in hands. And the theory of running out of cash is pure speculation. To run out of cash, that will mean not a single $ is pledged between now and mid 2018.
    Guess what. This is just impossible. Many PC gamer are waiting for 3.0 or SQ42 to join. This is a potential of a million players at worst (“only” 500.000 backers so far). SC 3.0 and SQ42 are coming in 2017 (probably mid and end of this year). Which mean many backers buying SQ42. Assuming they like SQ42, a good number will start to buy also SC… and a few ships.
    Situation is under control and we backers are expecting quality. Patience is key and by end of 2017, that will be 5 years of development with a team as small as 12 people in Nov 2012.

    Great job so far.

    • vander

      Can’t wait when gaming sites starts to write about the game and its technologies instead of clickbaity articles about money and trying to build drama. It was sad to notice that news about Alpha 2.6.0 didn’t even cover Spectrum – so much for professionalism.

      Which ships do you own so far, planning to buy any more? I’m looking forward to buy new Cutlass.

      BTW – today: Subscriber’s Town Hall: Persistent Universe

      • Leperray

        I am what some call a whale 🙂 and pretty proud to be one of them, as I can afford it without problem.

        As a past player of all CR’s games, I am an earlier backer and totally confident about the man, seconded by his brother and talented team. So far I have several ships, including Red Cutlass. I picked one ship for each job (Reclaimer, Orion, explorer, Bomber, Medic) so I can try all of them without spending too much grinding as my main problem is not cash but time.

        Pick the one you want and talking about cash, do not spend what you can not afford. All ships will be available in game 🙂

        • vander

          I’m totally confident too just based on what they have released so far. Sure, the game will have aspects I most likely not going to like but since the game is versatile and enormous it is not a problem.

          It is good idea to have many different types of ships from the beginning to save time. Because of the lack time it would be a right choice to me as well but I have decided go roleplay route. Transition to Aurora -> Cutlass is probably the only step I will do beforehand. To do mining, etc. I need to rely on other players and NPCs.

          • Leperray

            So when we can use job oriented ship, contact me in game. This is the same login name 🙂
            Most are multi player seats ship so you can test them. See you in the verse!

  • Joe_Blober

    How to catch a Manze alts (Aka puppet Trolls of the one we do not name):

    You can see that Stan, AStormApproaches, Cloverfield, Dementropy are all Alts created recently, all trying to hurt SC community with twistted comments from reality.

  • Joe_Blober

    To Readers, just to have fun with those trolls shooting proof of “Refund before too late” parody. Here is my proof of refund of 108730.46 I received from CIG:


  • Joe_Blober

    Look like all previous comments have been wiped out. So lets add a new one. This is perfectly matching the following informative blog about CIG cash and refund parody: https://sctrollsdump.wordpress.com/