Star Citizen

October 13, 2014

Star Citizen reaches $58 million following CitizenCon stream

The Star Citizen cash keeps rolling in after a successful CitizenCon. Over the weekend Cloud Imperium held their lengthy CitizenCon live stream which has helped raise further awareness of the game and a bucket-load of…

October 4, 2014

Star Citizen Arena Commander v0.9.1.1 update released

The 300i should now be performing as intended thanks to COMSTAB fixes. The Star Citizen Arena Commander v0.9.1.1 patch has been deployed and it mainly affects 300i pilots with what’s known as Command Stability (COMSTAB) Refinement. This will…

September 19, 2014

Star Citizen heading to PAX Australia for more reveals

The next phase of Star Citizen development will be revealed by Chris Roberts Cloud Imperium likes to use the big videogame shindigs to show off upcoming features. At Gamescom it was the 0.9 update and…

September 15, 2014

Star Citizen Arena Commander patched to fix queue issues

Cloud Imperium dive into the Star Citizen Arena Commander patch fixing over the weekend to sort out some problems. If you read my race mode impressions then you’ll know that matchmaking wasn’t functioning. Fortunately a patch…