State of Decay leaves Steam Early Access – More to come

State of Decay

For the past month or so Undead Labs State of Decay has been sold as a Steam Early Access game so they could customise the PC version of the zombie survival title. Today they’ve announced that the game has now left Early Access following the recent release of the updated keyboard and mouse interface.

When the game hit Early Access the development team released the controller only version (which wasn’t actually controller only), then updated UI and keyboard and mouse controls were pushed live for more testing and feedback. However,  Undead Labs say this is not the end of development for the PC version on Steam and there’s a new patch planned for release in a few weeks which will include more control changes such as “full key remapping, changes to mouse acceleration and more”.

The Breakdown sandbox mode has still to be released on the Xbox version and PC version, and when it’s completed it will be released at the same time on both platforms.

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  • fsj

    A question. Keyboard controls are in but does someone know if I can rebind them yet? I’m an akward lefty and rebinding is a must.

    • sorudo

      you can’t yet, just wait for it.

  • Dinovash

    Nope, you can`t rebind your key`s yet but it will be patched in soon.

  • Yasir

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