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The Sims 4 gets epic wood, greatly reduces career options

the sims 4 epic wood

Sorry miss, you can never be an athlete.

Welcome to another fascinating edition of good news/bad news about The Sims 4, courtesy of the Maxis advertising campaign. This episode follows our last foray into the weird state of The Sims 4, featuring modding support (yay) and a rather small game world (boo.)

The good news this time is … okay, a little tenuous. It’s mostly a bizarre little trailer about one woman and her love for ‘epic wood’ (their words, not mine.) In short, it suggests that if you fancy doing so you can design your entire Sims home around a wooden theme. This probably doesn’t offset the ditching of Create-A-Style and the inferior-sounding colour wheel that replaces it, but hey. Wooden stuff is nice, right?

In somewhat worse news, here’s the full list of careers (and accompanying paths) that will be available for your Sims in The Sims 4 base game:

  • Entertainer: Musician/Comedian
  • Writer: Author/Journalist
  • Painter: Master of the Real/Patron of the Arts
  • Secret Agent:  Diamond Agent/Villain
  • Criminal: Boss/Oracle
  • Astronomer: Space Ranger/Smuggler
  • Culinary: Chef/Mixologist
  • Tech Guru: eSport Gamer/Start-up Entrepeneur

Hope you didn’t have any plans to send your Sims into business. Or make them athletes. Or doctors. Or encourage them to join the police. Or basically get involved in any of the now missing career options from previous Sims games.

As for the latest word on the size of worlds and neighbourhoods, here’s a concise post on NeoGaf that sums up the size of each map portion. It’s not too encouraging.

Still, wooden stuff eh?

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  • Amber

    There will probably be an add on for those type of careers that’s probably why it isn’t included in the base game. Again, another way for EA to make money SMH. That’s how we will end up getting seasons and pets and so on.

  • Tim McDonald

    Sorry, what? Astronomer leads to SPACE RANGER OR SMUGGLER?

    • Peter Parrish

      Yes Tim, just like real life.

    • It is supposed to be astronaut

  • Jade Moyer

    They traded toddlers and swimming pools for smaller worlds, and half the careers and open world for multitasking and emotions. Blasphemous.

  • JJ

    I always thought careers on the Sims were good because at least they were common realistic jobs (not realist career progression but in general profession areas). This just sounds stupid. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Careers expansion pack in the future.

    • lazerbeak

      “Wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Careers expansion pack in the future.” ha biggest understatement of all time

  • gallowsCalibrator413

    Not buying this game!

  • Kat

    They will most likely implement the lack of jobs, swimming pools and toddlers in a future expansion packs. Like it has been stated it’s probably just another way for them to add new things and make more money… BUT…
    Lets be honest, a majority of us will end up buying them anyway. I know I most likely will because I love the Sims and it’s us ( the players ) that will always keep coming back even though things we may be used to is not currently in the game. Haha 🙂