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Transformers Universe gets a trailer

transformers universe

A couple of days ago Jagex decided to inform the community who have been following their upcoming title Transformers Universe that the game would actually launch this summer and a beta test will launch sometime prior to release.

Jagex has also revealed that the game is a tactical action game, or as they like to call it, a MOTA. It’s Autobots versus Decepticons as commanders go head-to-head in online battles fighting for global supremacy in your browser.

The Transformers Universe site has been devoid of any media but today the silence has been broken with the game’s first trailer. If you like what you see then you can sign-up for the beta test now on the site.

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  • sorudo

    yay, yet another title with a PvP-only game…..
    mechwarriors would’ve bin a better game as a PvE centric game with PvP arenas but they turned that game in one big PvP arena without even a single training map.
    now we have transformers, a game they could’ve made similar like DCUO but noooo, let’s make a PvP game and be cheap about it.

    my fate in game devs is disturbingly low…..