Watch Dogs “The Worse” improvements mod updated to v0.8

Watch Dogs

The mod that brings graphical enhancements to the PC version of Watch Dogs has just received an update.

Ubisoft may not be keen on PC gamers using this mod, but if you want to squeeze the most out of the graphical prowess of your rig then it’s worth a look.

The mod has just been updated to v0.8 and changes include:

  • You’ll be able to choose if you want a light dof, a strong dof or to be default (disabled) Thanks to VAAS for doing a great job!
  • You’ll be able to choose different bloom presets (E3 Bloom, Light Bloom or default)
  • You’ll be able to choose different types of colorgrading( E3, Default, Red-Ish or Blue-Ish)
  • You’ll be able to choose if you want default lensflares, anamorphic lensflares or SpotLight Volumes (Volumetric light)
  • You’ll be able to use a texture patch made by MalDo (Thank you so much!) for reducing stuttering!
  • Headlight shadows have been fixed
  • Lighting have been changed
  • Pharmacy Lighting have been slighly changed.
  • E3 Wind environment added
  • Particle respawn time reduced to be able to see more fog and smoke in streets.
  • Problems and Bugs related to HDR should be fixed
  • Fully integrated to Ubisoft’s patch (No effects or shaders have been disabled)
  • Included several high textures from the game to be used instead of low quality ones.
  • Rain, bloom, ssao changes

The update can be picked up from Guru3D once again and an alternative download source has also been added.

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  • Why is there no graphic upgrade for ps4 since the big launch the game looked so good. The game looks good don’t get me wrong but what you guys showed us on e3 is not what we have. If you can do it I will be greatlf if not well thanks for trying.

    • gawdzila

      Technically there hasn’t been a graphic upgrade for the PC version, either — at least not an official one. This is something created by a modder using resources that Ubi happened to leave in the game files.

      The PS4 version already looks as good as the PS4 is capable of making it look. There is no good way to alter the game installation on PS4 even if it could do better. Just be glad Ubisoft didn’t incompetently screw up the PS4 version like they did with the PC version — and then screw up the fix for it just as incompetently. Ugh.