Weekly IncGamers podcastery listeners’ comments

podupdateThis week we’ll be musing over the latest PC gaming news as usual and Tuesday evening is our podcast recording time (GMT).

Before each episode Peter fires round a few discussion points and we then decide what we should discuss in the show. Occasionally a few things come in last minute which can throw our plans right out the window, but usually we make it through without a hitch. Well, we think we do at least.

If there any topics you want us to cover then we encourage you to harass us and we’ll try and get it discussed in the show. You can send over your suggestions to [email protected] and Peter will look over them before the show and add them to the schedule.

Also if you have any site feedback or questions then feel free to fire them over too, your feedback makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and really cheers Tim up making him a happy camper.

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  • Zcomuto

    On previous incarnations of the podcast, you had some pretty entertaining mock games. ‘Guess the headline’ (for example, ‘weekly incgamers what what what’) and ‘what retards online say'(which usually involved I think Tim reading youtube or N4G posts from mongoloids in an entertaining voice).

    If either of these made a return it’d probably brighten my week briefly.

    • Peter Parrish

      Oh cool, someone actually liked those bits. It’s a bit short notice for today’s recording, but I’ll see what I can do for next week.

  • Rushster

    What! Only briefly?? 😉

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Mysterious backgrounds. Tim in a kids bedroom?! (MGS sound), I like the humour lol. Have to add more somehow lol.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Oh and gaming corporation fails as well, where PR sweat their nuts off at disasters.

  • clampdown

    Well… the vidcast! I don’t really know how to say ‘I liked watching you guys’ without sounding creepy. So, there.

    I wish I knew what Zcomuto was referring to, that sounds awesome. But in general, I just love when you guys look at games, press releases, interviews and what have you in a critical light. That rules.

    But if I had to suggest a new segment, it would be “Peter at the Hague”.

  • Asteria

    the bullshit story segment you used to have when you had to guess by a headline if the story was real or made up.

    • Zcomuto

      ‘Bullshit story of the week’ – that’s the one!

  • Peter Parrish

    Podcast is coming this week, but a bit later than planned (late Wed/early Thu depending where you live) thanks to an audio balls-up on my part.