X3 Terran Conflict Update Released

Egosoft has released a new update for X3: Terran Conflict.The 2.1 patch adds a brand new mission, Treasure Hunt, created by community member Ketraar. The mission involves following clues around the universe in order to find “what is arguably the ultimate prize.”
Ketraar created the mission using the game’s Mission Director, added in the X3: Reunion 2.5 update. “The Mission Director is a great tool and as an X-veteran, I wanted to bring a little nostalgia to TC through a mission,” said Ketraar.“With Xenon_Slayer on hand to provide some guidance on the trickier parts of the mission’s development, the process of making it was both educational and fun and I hope that gamers will find it as fun to play.”The 2.1 update also provides some performance enhancements, which apparently streamlines graphic rendering in order to achieve a better framerate and smoother gameplay. The patch also improves upon Tractor Beam towing, the Universe Trader, a number of scripts and the “mine minerals” command. It also includes a “run-in-background” option, new Mission Director variables and attributes, script commands, new info on the marines and ships (to be found in the shipyard and HQ menus) and assorted bug fixes.Find out what IncGamers’ Peter Parrish thought of Terran Conflict here.  

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