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10 best monsters to recruit for your team in Dragon Quest: Treasures

Premium beasts.

Dragon Quest: Treasures may have ‘treasure’ in the title, but you’ll never find all of the best treasure without assembling a powerful group of monsters. They’ll help you explore the dangerous world of Draconia and find the very best loot. Here is our guide outlining the 10 best monsters to recruit for your team in Dragon Quest: Treasures.

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Dragon Quest: Treasures – 10 best monsters to recruit for your team

To recruit monsters, you typically must defeat them in battle and scout them. Then you can give them items they crave and the various monsters will join your team. You’ll want to add some of them into your rotation immediately. Others function more like placeholders. Here are picks for 10 of the best monsters to recruit for your team and utilize immediately.

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Hoodlum – The Hoodlum gives you earn access to the Scan Forte. This makes it easy to find places to forage for ingredients you can use in crafting. Other monsters such as the Golem also can help with that process, but the Hoodlum is easier to recruit.

Shadow Minister – If you want to avoid unnecessary battles, the Stealth Forte comes in handy. The Shadow Minister, local to the Maneland and Wingswept Moors, is an early practitioner. It won’t remain vital in the long term, however. It offers resistance to the poison, water, and electricity elements. The main downside is the Shadow Minister’s weak defenses. Monitor its HP closely when in battle.

Dread Dracky – I’m big on skills that can inflict damage over time. The Dread Dracky is capable of poisoning foes, and scratches that particular itch. Additionally, it uses Kasap to debuff foes and may even paralyze them. Look for it in the Wingswept Moors region.

Orc King – The Orc King is a tougher alternative to the Hoodlum. It also possesses the useful Midheal capability. You can encounter it in the Wingswept Moors. Its fee varies and may include fairly valuable items. Don’t hesitate to pay the required price if you get the opportunity.

Golem – Found during evenings in The Patternoggin, the brutish Golem puts up quite a fight. Recruit it to take advantage of its hefty defensive capabilities. They offer protection against most elements. It also can carry around a lot of treasure, ensuring it remains handy even outside battle.

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Greasy Palm – Search near the entrance to Bonedry Heights in The Maneland to encounter the Greasy Palm. It offers strong defenses, paired with area-of-effect attacks. Besides that, you can use its Stealth Forte to avoid wasting energy on battles that aren’t worth your time.

Hades Condor – Most commonly located in The Maneland (but also available in The Paternoggin near Palatiel Plains and Teardrop Falls), this altitude-loving monster offers a selection of ranged attacks. Helpfully, it automatically applies Heal spells to injured party members. Finally, its Glide Forte improves your mobility and grants access to remote areas.

Dune Stalker – The Dune Stalker is an elite member of your monster crew, offering the Glide Forte and resistance to the dark, poison, and light elements. Even explosions won’t shake it. If you recruit this beast, found in The Maneland and The Snarl, you’ll be able to rely on it right to the end of the campaign.

Great Sabrecat – If you’re like me, you still remember your acquaintance with a sabrecat in Dragon Quest 5. Since then, that breed has made regular appearances in the franchise. Here, it wanders a few locations (The Wingswept Moor, The Paternoggin, and The Snarl) and makes a terrific ally when you need to rush all over the place in a hurry. There are a few varieties available, but research suggests the ‘Great’ version is the most useful.

King Slime – Everyone seems to have nothing but praise for King Slime. He’s earned it. Fortunately, you can find him all over the place and enjoy his strong resistance to attacks relying on sleep and explosion attributes. He also has the useful Launch Forte, but doesn’t deal a lot of damage in battle compared to other monster breeds.

There are numerous other powerful monsters, including some that are less valuable in general because you can’t acquire them until later in the game.

As you recruit new monsters throughout Draconia, make sure to check their individual stats to see what they bring to the table. For instance, some of them can carry more treasure. Besides choosing which monster is most powerful in battle, you’ll want to consider their Fortes when assembling your active team.

Dragon Quest: Treasures is available to buy on Steam and the Nintendo eShop.

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