2011 Develop Conference

Stay up to date with all the important news and sessions from this year’s conference.
Brighton’s annual Develop conference kicked off today and IncGamers was there to sit in and cover the event’s most important and interesting sessions.
The conference runs from Tuesday 19 July to Thursdau 21 July.
Develop 2011 coverage as follows:

Games industry grows 5-10% per year, digital sales rising
Disney and Microsoft asked Frontier to build Disneyland
The Brief for Brink: A Sticky Game World
Braben: Great games are not only for the core audience
McCaig: The whole entertainment industry is blending into one
Social compulsion loops = big bucks 
Braben talks virtual Disneyland
Bigpoint attract 250,000 new registrations every day
Porn is over. Facebook will dominate the world, say Bigpoint
Supercell: Gaming mediums will merge into the web-browser
Western free-to-play games not great due to lack of skills
Media Molecule: 1.5 million new LBP users since PSN outage
Harrison: LBP “was the best opportunity” Sony had