As part of its Gamescom presentation, EA gave everyone a further look at Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Namely, a little jaunt to a place called The Eternity Vault, where the team of 8 shown in the video are planning to stop a powerful Force-wielder from escaping. Despite being a team of Sith, it seems this chap is so dangerous he might destabilise the Empire.
In the video, you’ll see these 8 players working together to break through the first line of Eternity Vault defences in classic MMO style (ie; the chunky bloke soaks up all the damage while someone else heals him and everybody else kind of stands off to the sides doing their own thing).
Next you’ll see them failing to defeat a massive robo-droid thing, followed by some stylised footage of what it’s supposed to look like. It’s a neat (if inadvertant) reminder of how actual gameplay is always substantially different from slick trailers.

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