Act quick and grab a 5600X, 12700K, or 12600K CPU at these low sale prices

Intel AMD CPU deals 12700k 12600k 5600x sale price Ryzen Alder Lake

It’s time to save some money with a few more deals from Newegg. If you’ve been considering upgrading your CPU or starting a PC build from scratch, then there’s some good news for you. Newegg’s got some very good deals on offer here, with three CPUs that each deliver some impressive performance. Intel’s i5-12600K and its i7-12700K are both on sale, alongside AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X. It’s also worth pointing out that the prices here are the lowest that these CPUs have been next to Micro Center’s offers in December. But it won’t be that case for much longer as some of these offerings are going to disappear later today, so act quickly.

Currently, Intel’s i5-12600K is on sale for $279.99 when using the accompanying promo code (MSRP $320), this Alder Lake CPU has a pretty impressive discount. Sporting 10 cores in total, divided up between six performance cores and four efficient cores, this CPU packs in a lot for the price. As we noted in our review, the performance here is almost on-par with older eight-core processors. Thanks to improved multi-threaded performance though, it’s able to handle multi-tasking much better, regardless of whether you’re streaming or using other applications while playing games.


Much of the same can be said for Intel’s i7-12700K, on sale for $364.99 (MSRP $450) when using the promo code. Except here, you’re getting eight performance cores and four efficient cores. With these higher clocking extra cores, you can expect better performance in the most demanding games. All while ensuring your background apps are running smoothly too.

Features matter

These CPUs also have the benefit of being a part of Intel’s latest Alder Lake generation of processors, meaning that it’s a cheaper and easier way to access the newer features introduced here. Support for DDR5, PCIe 5.0 graphics cards, and PCIe 4.0 SSDs are some of the bigger features for the associated motherboard platforms, of course. Gearing up with one of these CPUs will also allow you to plan for the future as faster graphics cards with greater amounts of effective bandwidth release.

But, this won’t necessarily matter if you have your eyes on AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X. It’s on sale for $256.99 (MSRP $300) when the promo code is applied. The 5600X doesn’t support PCIe 5.0 or DDR5, so it isn’t the safest bet to future-proofing your PC. However, the six-core CPU does offer solid mid-range gaming performance, especially at the price point offered by Newegg currently. You can also potentially reuse your existing motherboard to save some extra cash. If you need a processor built for gaming and don’t need the newest features on the market, it’s a solid choice to go for.

Intel AMD CPU deals 12700k 12600k 5600x sale price Ryzen Alder Lake

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A great time to shop for a new CPU

Each of these CPUs is fantastic in its own right. Each offers great gaming performance, so in that regard, it doesn’t matter which one you’re sold on. What you will need to think about is how you intend on using the CPU. Whether you decide to go Intel or AMD, you’re still getting a good deal on a CPU no matter what. Act quickly though, the deals on these items are going to end in 10 hours at 2 AM ET.

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