8-bit armies

Petroglyph’s new voxel RTS 8-Bit Armies which is very similar to the original C&C has been updated.

When the game released it didn’t quite feel feature complete but I think Petroglyph know they are onto something with this one and have been busy adding new features based on feedback.

This update adds some requested new features to the game such as no super weapons in multiplayer, the ability to mod the unit responses, ability to set the primary factory and more. Based on the list below they appear to be bringing it more in-line with what C&C players would expect to see which is a good move.


  • Host of multiplayer games can now swap colors and starting locations between players.
  • Host can lock out further changes by other players in the lobby.
  • Additional mod support for player-created voice packs. (Instructions forthcoming)
  • Show control group number in attached GUI near healthbar.
  • Display game settings when browsing multiplayer lobbies
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): Added build placement UI so that it’s easier to see where you can build.
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): Added retry option for solo campaign missions and skirmish.
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): Changed difficulty level damage modifier to not apply to superweapon (nukes) or neutral player (environmental lava). This will make hard mode missions a little easier where the AI has nukes.
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): Setting a rally point on a non-primary factory makes that factory the new primary.
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): Resource nodes now go dark when exhausted and radar icon is also removed.
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): User MOD support for unit voice responses. (More information coming once we test this in a live environment).
  • (PLAYER SUGGESTION): Added backgrounds for several menus.
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): Invite functionality for Steam friends lists.
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): Adding in support to enable/disable superweapons in skirmish and multiplayer.
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): Changing sell/repair to work similarly. Pressing either one places you into SELL or REPAIR mode. Players can hold SHIFT to sell or repair MULTIPLE STRUCTURES. (We are looking for player feedback on this one.)
  • PLAYER REQUEST): Added scatter action for units. Pressing hotkey ‘L’ will now scatter units – helpful against getting run over.
  • (PLAYER REQUEST): Remove constant notifications for damage caused by lava.


  • Fixed Starting Buildings so not in props (multiple maps) 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.
  • Mission 15 (Oil Can): Changed Text to 10 minutes to match actual objective timing.
  • Fix for a save/load issue in which player’s structures were not being placed due to server side checks failing due to not loading a set.


  • (GENERAL): Rocket Damage type bonus vs. structures reduced. This affects Rocket Infantry, Rocket Copters and Rocket Turrets.
  • (ROCKET TURRETS): Ground and air attacks have been separated out. While damage remains the same, attacks against aircraft are now AoE.
  • (ARTILLERY): Base damage increased and damage vs. vehicles increased. Firing speed increased.
  • (ROCKET HELI): Now requires Radar to produce.
  • (MG HELI): Build cost reduced.
  • (RADAR): Cost and Power reduced, build time slightly increased, effectiveness (range) also increased.
  • (COMMANDOS) Can no longer be crushed by tanks or harvesters.

(The Design Team will be watching the forums for feedback on these balance changes. Try it out, then let us know what you think.)


  • Additional delays fixed in multiplayer lobby messaging.
  • Disable multiplayer join button when selected match is full.
  • Disable multiplayer join button while waiting for a response.
  • UI: adding Discord and Twitch icons with links.
  • After playing invited match, player will return to associated match selection screen.
  • Fix for rewards showing garbage in tactical pause menu when in co-op.
  • Fix for player count not refreshing on multiplayer lobby.
  • Adding in text to show multiplayer is retrieving matches.
  • Don’t allow multiplayer matches to start if there’s only 1 human.
  • Fix for GoG Galaxy message not going away when logged into Galaxy.


  • Reapplying FOW check to building placement and having build grid visual update to match
  • Fix for super weapon dialog hiding timer when user has a default factory that is producing sold/killed
  • Leave lobby when multiplayer menu back button is pressed.
  • Map Preview no longer hides details
  • Delete old stale save games that no longer match the current protocol version to avoid crash
  • Debrief screen now shows players and “N/A” for stats when the player exits skirmish immediately after loading into map and before any stats are collected.
  • Hide lock option in skirmish
  • Added Commando Crate to Co-op missions 1-4
  • Fix for unit button state not clearing when losing the last default factory of a type
  • Make sure objects contained in a transport that is destroyed are properly destroyed so that missions end correctly in annihilation mode.
  • CRASH FIX: [AI] Fix issue related to selling structures.
  • [AI] Prevent transports from unloading in impassable terrain.
  • UI: updating lock icon to white.
  • UI: Adjusted some of the selection colors.
  • Updated tooltips and object stats for balance changes.
  • Fixed floating boats and objects that didn’t blow up on several maps.
  • Adjusted default FOW alpha setting to mid-range for new players.
  • Fix for game window not staying where you put it.
  • Updated the build tree in the manual.
    • Disabling auto-queue mode for now.
Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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