Activison try to keep you from BF3 with COD double-XP weekend

In war, timing is everything.
This weekend Activision will be holding double-XP weekends for both Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 across all applicable platforms.
The ‘event’ is being promoted as a celebration for Modern Warfare 3’s ‘Prestige Shop’, a system that awards you a token each time you ‘prestige’ which you can spend on various perks (extra create-a-class slots, double-XP for a couple of hours blah blah blah).
However, to me, the timing suggests Activision are trying to steal a little thunder from this week’s launch of Battlefield 3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for such sneaky tactics (this is a business after all) but I’d prefer if they’d come out in the open about it.
I’d love Activision if they came out and said “Why play Battlefield 3 when we’re giving you double-XP?” If only we lived in such a world…
Oh yeah, we reviewed Battlefield 3 today. Here it is.