NCsoft has release the latest interview with Aion’s producer Chris ‘Kinslon’ Hager about the game’s upcoming patch 1.9.

First and foremost, it’s revealed that 1.9 will hit next month. Once that huge piece of info is out of the way, Kinslon goes on to talk about the Mist Rental weapons, describing the benefits of such a system:

“The Mist Rental weapons are all 14 day weapons and are available every 5 levels so players can use them at a wide range of levels. Also, they are great for players who want to rent a good weapon to power through a weekend or instance instead of completing several daily quests to get the higher stat weapons or paying potentially a lot more for a weapon they would shortly outgrow.”

He does add that Mist items can’t be enhanced, stored, sold or traded. A few examples of stats and item quality are given (see right), they’re all blue level, and players will pay the same for items of the same level, regardless of type (the item pictured costs 404,499 Kinah).

“For example, you’ll pay the same amount for a level 35 Mist cloth Tunic as you would for a level 35 Mist Breastplate.”Details on the Amsfusion and Armsbreaking system are also given. To combine two weapons, they need to be the same type (both swords / polearms etc.) and the ‘main’ weapon needs to be higher level than the secondary weapon. Once the fusion takes place, the following happens:

20% of the secondary weapon’s basic attack power and magic boost are added to the main weapon (stats lower on secondary weapon aren’t changed)

The secondary weapon’s options are added to the main weapon (in the event that both weapons have the same stats like attack speed, casting speed, etc only the higher value is applied)

All manastone slots from the secondary weapon are added to the primary weapon (as are any manastones currently equipped on the secondary weapon)

The secondary weapon is destroyed in the process, however the main weapon can be reclaimed by undoing the fusion process.

Check back for the exact release date and final patch notes nearer the time.

Paul Younger
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