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All 23 Golden Chest Locations in The Planet Crafter

Like a needle in a haystack.

On a barren, uninhabitable planet, every resource is vital. Therefore, getting your hands on a few golden chests in The Planet Crafter is a huge boost to your terraforming progress. Here are all 23 of their locations.

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Where to find The Planet Crafter Golden Chests

These chests contain loot you’ll only dream of. They hold plants that give out obscene amounts of oxygen and solidified ore that can be broken down into chestfuls of resources. And, most importantly, they also hold statues and treasures with which to adorn your desk. So, with no further ado, here are the 23 Golden Chest locations in The Planet Crafter.

Landing Valley Chest

This is the first Golden Chest I recommend you get your hands on. It can be found just south of the Landing Pod towards the enormous rock wall. It is situated just on the top of a dune at coordinates 258:27:485.

Crashed Ship Chest

From the starting point, you should be able to see a huge crashed ship on top of a slope. Head towards this and head around the back. You can climb onto the very top using the dune behind it. Then, make your way to the front of the roof to find the next hidden Golden Chest in The Planet Crafter. If you’re struggling, it is at coordinates 290:161:1008.

All 23 Golden Chest Locations in The Planet Crafter
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Aluminium Fields Golden Chest

Just to the north of the starting point is a large flat area. Make your way into this and then turn to the east. You will notice some tall grey rocks in the ground. These mark the Aluminium fields. Head into these and look for a small rock bridge just as you cross into it. The next Golden Chest location in The Planet Crafter is under this at 926:17:352.

All 23 Golden Chest Locations in The Planet Crafter
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Iridium Cave Golden Chest

You may have found the Iridium Cave area already. It is west of the central plateau, marked by a huge cave entrance. Now, head inside and straight to the back, up the slope. You will notice a large, flat, angled rock that hides the next Golden Chest behind it in a dip. It can be found at 831:50:1206.

Sandfall Chest

Once you have raised the planet’s temperature high enough, the Ice Wall in the Iridium Cave will melt. This leads to the Sandfall area marked by the wall of a sandstorm. To the left of this, hidden by some rocks, is the next Golden Chests location in The Planet Crafter. It is at 469:66:1564.

Golden Chest Planet Crafter
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Sandfall chest #2

At the top of the Sandfall area, look south towards the arches area of the map. Turn to your right, facing northeast, and you will see a rock wall at the very top of the sandfall area. Over this rock is the next Golden Chest location at 708:153:1882.

Big Canyon Golden chest

When you find the large rock canyon, head into it via the southern entrance. Head north along the northeastern wall unit you find a tall rock pillar. Here, you will find the next Golden Chest in The Planet Crafter on coordinates 2152:3:238.

Small Canyon chest

To the north of the large flat area, by the starting point, you will find a crashed ship. Behind this is where the pillar canyon starts, creating a nightmarish maze. Take the plunge into it and emerge to the north, where you will see another crashed ship. Then, head west and look south, you will see a tall structure. The next Planet Crafter Golden Chest is tucked behind one of the beams at 1479:11:659.

Aluminum chest

This chest is hidden within the Aluminium mining area of The Planet Crafter map. First, head to the crashed ship in the center of the area and make your way north to exit the area. As soon as you’re out, spin a 180 and look underneath a large grey rock formation. This is where the next Golden Chest is in The Planet Crafter at 1075:24:-28.

Golden Chest Planet Crafter
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Broken Spires chest

Now, making your way south from the Aluminium fields, you will find yourself in the broken spires area of the map. Here, make your way south until you find a huge grey container. Behind this, at 406:5:-248, you will find a spire not too far from the ice cave. Now, you have the next Golden Chest location.

Golden Chest Planet Crafter
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Warp Gate golden chest

Next, in the northeast of the map, you will find a huge broken warp gate sitting in the sand. So, start from here and head south until you are standing on a rock with a view of the downed satellite in a sand pit. On this rock, you will find a hole that contains another Golden Chest in The Planet Crafter. It is at coordinates 925:96:-780.

Overhang golden chest

Make your way to the Waterfall area of the map in the South of the map. Before you have managed to create a Blue Sky in the game, it won’t have water, so head to the south of the area and look for the overhanging rocks. One of these is slightly buried in the sand behind it and is the next location for this Golden Chest in The Planet Crafter. You can find this one at -139:182:789.

Waterfall cave chest

Even in real life, whenever I see a waterfall, I just know there’s going to be some sweet loot behind it. In The Planet Crafter, they don’t let me down. Head to the waterfall area of the map and turn east. You should spot a cave unless you are at the lakes stage of the game. In this case, it’ll be underwater. So, head into the cave, and here you will find the next Golden Chest in The Planet Crafter at coordinates -585:52:95.

Waterfall Golden Chest #2

Facing the Waterfall, head to the west and around the waterfall rock. Here, you will see an outcropping of rock, under which is the next Golden Chest location. It can be found at -982:43:676. If you are at the lake stage, it will be underwater.

Waterall locations Planet Crafter
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Waterfall chest #3

Atop the waterfall rock, you will find another Golden Chest in The Planet Crafter. To reach it, you will need to head around to the east of the rock and look for some stair-like rock formations that will take you to the top. Here, at coordinates -840:285:581, you should find the next Golden Chest.

Mushroom Canyon Golden Chest

Head into the Canyon from the Meteor Field end until you reach the Mushroom Canyon. Then, make your way left until you reach a wooden building with a wheel. You will find the next Golden Chest at -428:-53:113, underwater, right by the wheel.

Hidden Highlands chest

This area is at the far west of The Planet Crafter map and can be a tricky Golden Chest to find. So, look between the entrance to the Lost Paradise entrance and the crashed ship. Here, you will notice some fallen rocks. Head under the lower flat rock and keep going until you find the next Golden Chest. It is at coordinates 1744:0:1996.

Golden Chest Planet Crafter
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Underwater Cave Golden Chest

This one can only be accessed once the ice has reached the point of melting. Once you have got to this stage in The Planet Crafter, head to the large meteor crater and make your way west. Opposite this area is the entrance to the underwater Cave.

Once the ice has melted there will be a small waterfall you need to get to the bottom of. Usually, in this area, you’re expected to follow the cave to a new area. However, to find the Golden Chest, look for a small offshoot in which you will find the next Golden Chest at coordinates -178:73:1943.

Late Game Golden Chests in The Planet Crafter

To access the areas where these golden chests are hidden, you need to have started unlocking the Altars. These are unlocked with Wardens Keys found around the map and at other Altars.

For the Ancient City, you will only need one key. However, Lost Paradise doesn’t come cheap and will require a total of eight keys to enter the area with the Golden Chests.

The Planet Crafter
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Ancient City chest

First, you must enter the Ancient City by opening the doors hidden in the pillared cave. This is just west of the central flat area, beyond the Iridium Mine. You will require one Wardens Key to open the doors using the Altar.

Make your way into the building on the left and head to the back of the open room. Now, take the door in the left corner and take the ramp at the back of the room. Now, take the ramp on the right to make your way onto the scaffolding. Here you will find the next of the Golden Chests in The Planet Crafter at coordinates 659:20:2103.

Lost Paradise Golden Chests

The altar that gives you access to the Lost Paradise is in the south of the area with the entrance to the Ancient City. You will need three keys to enter.

Once you have made your way into Lost Paradise, follow the path until you find the main building at the end. You will need a further five keys to enter this hidden treasure trove. Once you’re in you’ll find a whopping two Golden Chests in The Planet Crafter. I don’t think you’ll struggle to find these but the coordinates are 1106:123:2933.

Beach Biome Golden Chest

In the beach biome to the far south of the map, you can easily find another Golden Chest. It is located right out in the open on the island, just to the West of the waterfall. You will need to island hop until you see a small one out in the sea. This one can be found at location -1357:84:1339.

The Planet Crafter
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Lava Biome Golden Chest

If you’re willing to trek into this dangerous, lava-filled Planet Crafter biome for Golden Chests, I salute you. Make sure you have a jetpack and the resources you need to survive.

First, you must find the crashed ship and turn 180 degrees while facing it. The path in front of you will lead to a ladder to an abandoned base. Don’t go down this. Now, take a left to the arches and make your way towards them. When you reach the arches, take a left into a cave and look for a lower entrance once inside.

Inside this second cave entrance, look down and to the left to see a small cooled lava platform. Right behind this is the final treacherous Golden Chest you can find in The Planet Crafter. It is at coordinates -1056:66:-131.

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