Buckshot Roulette Achievements
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All Buckshot Roulette achievements, explained

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Buckshot Roulette has 16 achievements on Steam. At least half of them are vague or hidden. Here, I’ll tell you what all the achievements are in Buckshot Roulette and how to unlock them all.

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How to get all Buckshot Roulette achievements

Buckshot Roulette may be a simple and short game, but it’s addictive and infinitely replayable (especially with multiplayer). Whether you’re on PC or Steam Deck, here are all the Buckshot Roulette achievements:

  • Buckshot Roulette revealed achievements
    • 70KBeat the game.
    • Going Out With Style! – Saw off the barrel, shoot yourself, and die.
    • Chasing Losses – Consume the Double of Nothing pills.
    • Coin Flip – Successfully shoot yourself with a blank, facing 50/50 odds.
    • Bronze Gates – It rains metal here.
    • Nope! – Cash out immediately in Double or Nothing.
    • 140K – Double your earnings in Double or Nothing and win.
    • 1,000K – Cash out over 1,000,000 in Double or Nothing.
    • Overdose – Start the Double or Nothing mode 10 times.
    • Know When To Quit – Lose more than 1,000K in Double or Nothing.
    • Digita, Orava, and Koni – Breakfast of champions.
  • Buckshot Roulette Hidden Achievements
    • Name Taken – Deicide.
    • High Rollers – Check the leaderboards.
    • Full House – Use all items in a single turn in Double or Nothing.
    • Why? – Uncover a live round with the Magnifying Glass and shoot yourself.
    • Soak It In – Listen to the music in the nightclub for over a minute.

The hardest achievements to get in Buckshot Roulette are 140K because winning three rounds and getting to double your earnings in Double or Nothing is challenging and 1,000K because it’s very difficult to make it to one million in Double or Nothing. That said, Digita, Orava, and Koni, Name Taken, and Bronze Gates give vague descriptions that make unlocking them almost impossible.

How to unlock Digita, Orava, and Koni achievement in Buckshot Roulette

Currently, we don’t know how to get the Digita, Orava, and Koni achievement in Buckshot Roulette. The description says, “Breakfast of champions,” and I noticed Koni is the computer you use to see the leaderboards. I think the Digita, Orava, and Koni achievement has to do with the leaderboards, but we don’t know for sure.

How to unlock Name Taken achievement in Buckshot Roulette

Buckshot Roulette God Name Taken Achievement
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The description for Name Take is, “Deicide.” At first, I thought that was a typo of “decide” but a quick Google search of “deicide” shows that it’s an actual word and it means a killer of a god. If you remember, one of the first items you see in Buckshot Roulette is a contract with a god. I think this achievement has to do with that.

Out of curiosity, I named myself “god” on the general release of liability waiver at the start of a match. This immediately gave me the Name Taken achievement. You can’t name yourself “god” as the name is taken, so you ultimately have to choose something else.

How to unlock Bronze Gates achievement in Buckshot Roulette

The Bronze Gates achievement is probably the most vague one here. Its description says, “It rains metal here,” which isn’t much of a hint. The main menu screen of Buckshot Roulette shows shotgun shells raining down which is the closest thing to “it rains metal here” that we get in the game. I wasn’t able to figure out how to get the Bronze Gates achievement in Buckshot Roulette but maybe you can figure it out.

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