All emotes in Lethal Company Explained

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While the majority of the time in Lethal Company will have you sitting at the edge of your seat, hoping that something terrifying doesn’t come around the corner, there are also some fun times to be had. That’s what emotes are for. emoting.

Here are all the emotes available in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: All emotes

Lethal Company offers hilarious ways to lighten the mood, especially after you escape a devious monster.

So far, there are only two emotes – one is going to trigger a dancing emote from the player, and the other is a simple point.

These are relatively simple but can be pretty funny in certain circumstances, and players can trigger them by easily.

  • Dance
    • Press 1 on your keyboard
  • Point
    • Press 2 on your keyboard

The dancing emote is especially funny, as players will simply just move their hands around in a failed attempt to display rhythm, but hey, they’re trying.

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From personal experience, emoting around your friends when they’re trying to be serious for a second and navigate how we’re going to fulfill quota gets quite the reaction from everyone else.

We don’t know as of now if there are any plans to add more emotes into the game, but we can assume we’ll see some more as the game gets future updates.

In the meantime, we cannot emphasize enough how much we recommend diving into Lethal Company, as it’s one of the surprise releases of the year thus far.

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