All Event Rewards for Tax Refund in Monopoly GO

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With one event weekend in Monopoly GO ending, Tax Refund has started. I’ve gathered all the information you’ll need to know for the event.

How does the Tax Refund event work in Monopoly GO?

The Tax Refund event is a milestone event in Monopoly GO. In milestone events, you’ll be rewarded by earning enough points to fill out a milestone, at which point you’ll get rewarded.

The milestones become more and more demanding as you progress, but then the rewards get better and better.

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How to get points for Tax Refund in Monopoly GO

To progress, you’ll need to earn points. Points are earned by landing on the following tiles around the board:

  • Chance tile = +2 points.
  • Community Chest tile = +3 points.
  • Railroad tile = +5 points.

These points are multiplied by your dice multiplier, so roll high to earn high.

There are 50 milestones in Tax Refund, the most we’ve had in a while. So get ready to roll big!

All event rewards for Tax Refund in Monopoly GO

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Thanks to @itsjakesm, we have all the information we need to know all of the rewards in Tax Return in Monopoly GO. Note that all cash values are relative, and so a value cannot be assigned here.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
125Green Sticker Pack
2203 Pickaxes
34025 Free Rolls
515075 Free Rolls
6403 Pickaxes
75015 minutes of Rent Frenzy
855Green Sticker Pack
10375200 Free Rolls
11605 Pickaxes
1390Star Green Sticker Pack
14806 Pickaxes
1510010 minutes of Cash Grab
16850500 Free Rolls
171008 Pickaxes
18110Yellow Sticker Pack
1912050 Free Rolls
2011511 Pickaxes
211.3K700 Free Rolls
22150Pink Sticker Pack
2417513 Pickaxes
262K1K Free Rolls
27275Yellow Sticker Pack
2830016 Pickaxes
2932510 minutes of High Roller
30400100 Free Rolls
3245019 Pickaxes
33500150 Free Rolls
3465026 Pickaxes
35750Blue Sticker Pack
364.5K2K Free Rolls
38900Blue Sticker Pack
401.2K5 minutes of Cash Boost
4110K3.8K Free Rolls
421.5KPurple Sticker Pack
441.9K600 Free Rolls
462K30 Pickaxes
473KGolden Blue Sticker Pack
494K45 Pickaxes
5017.5K7.5K Free Rolls and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack

How long is Tax Refund in Monopoly GO?

Tax Refund will last till the 15th of November, so really not a lot of time at all to get far. You’d better hope you roll lucky.

I hope this has got you as excited as I am to get far in this event!

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