Jinhsi Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Game Studios

Wuthering Waves fans are already excited about the 1.1 Banner Resonator, Jinhsi

You may want to start saving.

As Wuthering Waves crawls closer to launch, more playable characters are getting revealed to us courtesy of the Wuthering Waves X account. The latest is Jinhsi, and it’s caused quite a stir.

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Jinhsi revealed for Wuthering Waves

Today, only some hours ago, the official Wuthering Waves X account posted about Jinhsi, the 1.1 Banner Huanglong Resonator. YouTube, Reddit, and the comment section exploded with excitement and discussion around Jinhsi.

A lot is still to be confirmed about Jinhsi, such as her rarity or weapon, but thanks to prior art of the character, we can speculate. We know for sure that instead of just being an NPC, Jinhsi will be playable.

Jinhsi is likely to wield a sword, and considering the dragon art and iconography surrounding her, it’s safe to assume that she’ll be powerful and a 5-star rarity character.

I must clarify that it’s technically not officially confirmed that Jinhsi will be a playable resonator, as not all resonators with the tacet mark are playable, but after considering everything, I can’t see her not being a playable character.

This official reveal from Wuthering Waves has caused quite a stir, unlike the other characters, due to the build-up to the character reveal.

Why is Jinhsi so hyped in Wuthering Waves?

Jinhsi Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Game Studios

This X reveal isn’t the first we’ve seen of Jinhsi. For the Japanese web event for Wuthering Waves, art was released for Jinhsi, but it was taken down immediately. It was that in that artwork where she wielded what looked like a sword, hence the speculation that she’ll wield one in-game.

What’s more, is that Jinhsi’s sword resembled Jiyan’s broadsword, and we already know he’s a 5-star and incredibly powerful character, and is one of the ones I’m most excited for.

Considering her resemblance to another powerful character and the slight teaser we received, it’s no wonder people are hyped about her reveal.

Jinhsi will most likely be a 1.1 banner Resonator in Wuthering Waves, which has caused many players to consider saving all of their banner pulls for Jinhsi and skipping the first banner, hosting Jiyan and Yinlin — a difficult decision.

Until we get a little more info, I’d suggest that it may not be wise to skip the first banner, as Jiyan and Yinlin are incredibly powerful characters that’ll be worth getting.

Make sure to spread the word with your friends so you can all better coordinate how you’ll approach the banners when the game releases.

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