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All Instruments in Fortnite Festival

Rhythm game fans rejoice! We're taking a look at all instruments in Fortnite Festival

Fans of the long forgotten rhythm game genre finally have a new experience to sink your teeth into. What’s more, we’re going to take a look at all instruments in Fortnite Festival, as well as how to get new skins.

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Fortnite Festival: all instruments explained

All Instruments In Fortnite Festival Drums
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The instruments available for players to use in the Fortnite Festival are:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Microphone
  • Keytar

There are a total of 5 instrument types available for players to choose in Fornite Festival. Not only is each instrument unique in shape and size, but it also has different playstyles depending on said instrument. For example, I joined a Jam Stage lobby and started playing the lead guitar while someone was singing a song. And in the middle of their track, I was able to entirely swap my instrument as well as the tempo of the song. While this modified the music heavily, everything stayed in sync and accurately turned into a beautiful remix.

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Moreover, while it seems that support for those plastic instruments that have been taking up space in your attic is coming in the future, for now, a change in difficulty means a difference in the amount of individual note columns you have.

How to get skins for all instruments in Fortnite Festival

Now of course it wouldn’t be a Fortnite game mode without a plethora of cosmetics. And as with other modes, there are a few different ways to unlock cosmetics for your instruments. First and foremost, players can earn skins for free by completing songs and progressing in the Festival Pass. The Festival Pass serves as the exclusive battle pass for the Fortnite Festival, with a premium version of the pass available as well. You can unlock new character and instrument skins and even new songs.

Aside from that, there are of course individual skins for instruments available in the Fortnite shop that players can purchase with V-Bucks. What’s more, players can expect more collab skins such as The Weekend bundle, which provides exclusive skins that match the theme of the overall bundle.

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