All Legendary Weapons Coming To Destiny 2 The Final Shape Gameplay
Screenshot: Bungie

All Legendary Weapons coming to Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Get ready for some sick redesigns of classic Destiny weapons.

With so much hype and anticipation coming with Destiny 2 The Final Shape, Bungie seems to have their work cut out for them. However, as the time to release has shortened, there have been a few sharp-eyed Guardians who have spotted some new guns meeting us in the Traveller. So let’s make the leap and take a look at all Legendary weapons coming to Destiny 2 The Final Shape and beyond.

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Destiny 2 — All Legendary Weapons coming to The Final Shape

As Guardians are getting locked and loaded for the finale against The Witness, Bungie has shown off a few sneak peeks at the weapons you’ll use against the Dread. While we don’t have any official names for the weapons, players have noticed they look a bit familiar.

All Legendary Weapons Coming To Destiny 2 The Final Shape Featured Image
Image: Bungie

From the image above, we know of about 8 destination weapons coming to Destiny 2 The Final Shape. Destination weapons are Legendary weapons you’ll find by completing The Final Shape campaign, as well as other activities within the new destination. Overall, the community seems fairly optimistic about the weapons.

A few players on the D2 Reddit pointed out how the new LMG is a redesign of the Hammerhead, the Sidearm is Vestian Destiny, and it seems like every gun minus the sword is a redesign of a previous Destiny weapon.

That being said, the community welcomes these like-new weapons, stating, “I honestly don’t care too much they look cool as all hell”. But the new weapons don’t stop there, as guns beyond The Final Shape have already made their way into the public eye.

All Legendary Weapons coming beyond The Final Shape in Destiny 2

All Legendary Weapons Coming To Destiny 2 The Final Shape Echoes
Screenshot: Bungie

In a recent ViDoc released by Bungie, they may have inadvertently given us a glimpse at some weapons we won’t see until Episode 1 Echoes. Thanks to the Twitter account BungieLeaks who spotted two new weapons: a Solar LMG and a Void Rocket launcher.

There’s not much else known about the weapons, but from the looks of them and the theming of Episode 1, most weapons of this type will be about the Vex. Let’s hope Bungie has some good ideas planned for the Episode Exotic Weapon since we’ve already seen a lot about the Exotics coming with The Final Shape.

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