All Player XP rewards in Star Wars Hunters.
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All Player XP rewards and how to claim them in Star Wars Hunters

Hard work pays off.

Star Wars Hunters features a leveling system where players can acquire Player XP and earn various rewards. This guide explains everything there is to know about Player XP in Star Wars Hunters including all rewards and how to claim them.

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Star Wars Hunters: All Player XP Rewards

Players will start earning Player XP once they reach level 2. As you continue to level up and gain more Player XP, you’ll earn a ton of rewards that you can claim in-game. There are a total of 50 reward levels. Here are all Player XP rewards in Star Wars Hunters.

  1. N/A
  2. 50 Crystals
  3. 500 Credits
  4. Power Control Game Mode
  5. Landspeeder Avatar
  6. Ranked Mode
  7. 30 Crystals
  8. Dynamic Control Game Mode
  9. 250 Credits
  10. GG Sticker
  11. Trophy Case Game Mode
  12. 250 Credits
  13. 30 Crystals
  14. 250 Credits
  15. Gorax Hunt Droid Avatar
  16. 250 Credits
  17. 250 Credits
  18. 30 Crystals
  19. 250 Credits
  20. Heart Hands Sticker
  21. 250 Credits
  22. 250 Credits
  23. 30 Crystals
  24. 250 Credits
  25. Woohoo! Sticker
  26. 250 Credits
  27. 250 Credits
  28. 30 Crystals
  29. 250 Credits
  30. R-2 Unit Avatar
  31. 250 Credits
  32. 250 Credits
  33. 30 Crystals
  34. 250 Credits
  35. Pleading Porg Sticker
  36. 250 Credits
  37. 250 Credits
  38. 30 Crystals
  39. 250 Credits
  40. Joke’s On You! Sticker
  41. 250 Credits
  42. 250 Credits
  43. 30 Crystals
  44. 250 Credits
  45. 250 Credits
  46. 250 Credits
  47. 30 Crystals
  48. 250 Credits
  49. 250 Credits
  50. AT-AT Avatar

As you can see, a majority of the rewards you can earn from Player XP are in-game currency, with a sprinkle of avatars and stickers.

How to claim Player XP rewards

Claiming Player XP rewards is as easy as selecting your player level on the top left corner of your screen, next to your player icon. Selecting this will bring you to a list of available rewards for your current level. Tap or click the reward to officially claim it.

How to earn Player XP

Earning Player XP boils down to simply playing the game and participating in matchmaking. As you play through matches, you’ll casually acquire Player XP that is applied to your Player Level. Performing well in a match will reward you with more Player XP, allowing you to claim the rewards faster.

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