Best Tanks Tier List In Star Wars Hunters Ranked
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Best Tanks tier list in Star Wars Hunters, ranked

The beefiest of hunters.

If you’re interested in playing a Tank role in Star Wars Hunters, here’s a tier list of the best Tanks in this online PVP game, ranked from worst to best.

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Star Wars Hunters: Best Tanks, ranked tier list

So far, only four Tanks are available to play in this free-to-play team-based PVP game, although there are plenty of other great characters to play as. While some of the Tanks you should avoid altogether, others are powerful and can help bring your team to victory. Let’s rank the best Tanks in Star Wars Hunters so you can choose your main.

  • C-Tier: Charr
  • B-Tier: Grozz
  • A-Tier: Slingshot
  • S-Tier: Sentinel
Best Tanks Tier List In Star Wars Hunters Ranked Charr
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C-Tier: Charr

At the bottom of our tier list has to be Charr. Unfortunately, Charr is stuck with only two bullets in the chamber of his Scatter Gun before he has to take a while to reload, and two shots to the body doesn’t even cut it. You will lose most of the time in any fight against a fast-paced DPS.

I also don’t like Charr’s Snare Trap ability since it has a small range. Charr’s Regen Booster is good for regaining health and Laser Tether can force enemies to stay within your range, but other than his ultimate move Ferocious Hunter, Charr isn’t good enough to be considered a worthy Tank.

Best Tanks Tier List In Star Wars Hunters Ranked Grozz
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B-Tier: Grozz

Grozz is sitting at B-Tier because he is better than Charr, but still not as great as some of the other Tanks. Grozz’s Stampede is good for clearing a row of enemies, but I find Upheaval to be more useful in damaging and stunning enemies.

As a melee Tank fighter, these two moves are pretty decent during fights, especially when he has War Cry to regain some lost health. Boulder Bash is a tough ultimate to go up against since his boulder flies across the screen fast. Grozz’s Improvised Clubs can take a bit to knock enemy health down, but he’s still fun to play.

Slingshot Swh
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A-Tier: Slingshot

Now we’re getting to the best of the best. Slingshot isn’t the number one Tank, but he’s certainly a great choice when it comes to his Twin Blaster Cannons that can chip away at enemy health. His Rollout ability is also intense and can damage enemies more than you may realize.

Unstable Shields gives you a decent amount of protection against incoming fire, while Scatterbomb can clear a few enemies in your path within melee range. One of his best moves has to be his ultimate Rocket Stomp, which both slows and damages enemies within his path. Once you unlock Slingshot you’ll find yourself choosing him in most situations.

Best Tanks Tier List In Star Wars Hunters Ranked Sentinel
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S-Tier: Sentinel

Even though Sentinel is the first hunter you unlock, he somehow plays better than any of the other Tanks in Star Wars Hunters. His E-Web Heavy Repeater is a close and long-range gun that has a ton of ammo that rarely needs a reload. Then there’s Suppressing Shot which knocks enemies over to stun them, stopping them in their tracks.

Barrel Slam is one of the weaker abilities, but it’s only good for when enemies get too close in melee range. Combat Shield is probably the most useful ability as it can take a ton of bullets before breaking and protects your body nearly completely. Sentinel’s ultimate Empire’s Finest summons two more Stormtroopers to help you out which can come in handy when you’re surrounded. Sentinel is by far the best Tank and is the only S-Tier Tank.

If you’re looking to unlock some of these Tanks in Star Wars Hunters, you’ll first need to gather enough Hunter Tokens.

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