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All Rewards in Roblox The Classic and how to get them

Look the part.

Roblox The Classic may be fun, but the only reason any of us are truly doing it is for the free rewards that we can score along the way.

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All Rewards in Roblox The Classic

There are quite a few rewards that you can earn in three different ways. You may not be able to get every cosmetic item before the event ends on May 28, especially as you must spend some money to get every single one.

The majority can be earned with in-game money, however.

Exclusive Avatar Items – Tokens

These Exclusive Avatar Items can all be bought with Tokens that you’ll earn from completing quests in The Classic Experiences, or by completing quests in The Classic itself. Each The Classic Experience has five Tokens up for grabs, and quests in The Classic hub could earn you up to ten Tokens. So there’s plenty to go around.

Roblox The Classic Rewards
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You’ll need to collect 36 Tokens in total to buy these four exclusive cosmetics, but thankfully, there are so much more than that available.

CosmeticToken Cost
Ancient Deity Shawl5 Tokens
Empyrean Reign of Awesomeness6 Tokens
Agonizingly Happy Bucket10 Tokens
Kleos Erebus15 Tokens

You’ll find these cosmetics in the Event Tracker menu.

Event Hub Items – Tix

The Exclusive Hub Items are a collection of five goodies that can be used in the event itself. They’re not cosmetic, they’re actual items that will help you complete certain quests in The Classic hub.

These will cost you Tix, a separate currency that will give some Roblox veterans PTSD flashbacks. You will find Tix hidden around The Classic Experiences and as rewards for completing The Classic Hub Quests.

You will need 74 Tix in total, which is a lot, but there are many more Tix out there for you to find, so don’t worry too much.

Event Hub ItemTix Cost
Drink Coin4 Tix
Rocket Launcher6 Tix
Superball12 Tix
Timebomb20 Tix
Mom’s Dog32 Tix

You’ll find these items below above the Exclusive Avatar Items in the Event Tracker menu.

Bling Track, Bundles, and Daily Cosmetics- Robux

Naturally, there are opportunities to spend Robux to get premium exclusive rewards from The Classic event. In total, there will be more cosmetics that can be bought with Robux which is a shame, so make sure you’re absolutely positive if you’re going to make a purchase.

One new exclusive cosmetic will be available to purchase for 99 Robux every day. When the timer runs out – the cosmetic will be replaced by another new one, and that cosmetic will never be seen again. So check in daily in case there’s one that catches your eye.

Roblox The Classic Bling Track
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the Bling Track menu, you’ll find the Bling Track upgrade and Bundles.

The Bling Track upgrade costs 600 Robux, and allows you to get golden variants of the Exclusive Avatar Items alongside their normal variants.

Finally, there are two Robux Bundles, each costing a whopping 19,000 Robux. The Treasure Finder Bundle and Timeless Valkyrie Bundle not only come with the Bling Track upgrade but also a whole set of six golden cosmetic items. To get both characters, you would have to spend 19,000 Robux twice. Insane.

Well, that’s all that cosmetic rewards in Roblox The Classic. I prefer the rewards in The Hunt, although that may be because they don’t have that nostalgic factor some players may be feeling for me.

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