The Crew 2 Review

The Crew 2 is fast, fun and offers a flexible gameplay experience. But, a sense of imbalance throughout the game causes it to be a bit of a rough ride.

Wreckfest Review

Paul gets wrecked in Bugbears destruction derby smash-em-up racer.

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Are you ready for speed and futuristic racing? Cybernetic Walrus’ futuristic racer is put to the test.

Deathgarden Preview

Paul becomes the hunter and the hunted in the upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer game from Behaviour Digital. Run! Just Run!

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Roll7 show us the sport of the future with Laser League and it’s a completely mental competitive arcade experience.

Midair Review

Calling all Tribes players. Midair is finally out so how does it compare the classic franchise? Have Archetype Studios nailed it?