All Tix Locations In Dusty Trip Nine
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All Roblox Classic Tix locations in A Dusty Trip

It's a long way home.

There are a total of 10 Tix to collect for the Roblox Classic Event in A Dusty Trip. Here is how you can easily get your hands on them all.

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All A Dusty Trip Tix locations

To collect all ten of these Tix, you will have to be able to make it to the 10,000-mile mark. This is where the final two reside. But there are still plenty on the way.

Tix #1

The first Tix you can find in A Dusty Trip is actually right at the start of the game. You can’t miss it as it sits right on the table of the house you spawn into. Grab it and move on to the next.

All Tix Locations In Dusty Trip
Image: KingKade/YouTube

Tix #2

The next Tix for the Roblox Classic event is located at the 2,000-mile mark. Here you will see a blue house to your left. Make your way up the stairs on the outside of the building on the side nearest the road and the far end. Go through the door on the second floor, and you will find the next Tix in A Dusty Trip on the floor.

All Tix Locations In Dusty Trip Ticket
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Tix #3

The third Ticket is found against the outside wall of the red house on the opposite side of the road at the 2000-mile mark. It is on the furthest outside wall.

Tix #4

As you reach the bridge at the 4,000-mile mark, stop before you drive onto it. The supporting post on the right of the road hides the next A Dusty Trip Tix.

All Tix Locations In Dusty Trip Bridge
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Tix #5

The next one is just on the bridge as you meet the 4,100-mile mark. You will find yourself in a red ring. Stop here, and you will find the next Ticket just on your left, but the far supporting pillar.

Tix #6

At the 6,180 mile mark in A Dusty Trip, you will find a ship to your right that holds the next Tix for Roblox Classic. Head onto the ship via the gangplank and turn left immediately. Head into the small room, and you will see a barrel on your right. Behind the barrel, you will find what you’re looking for.

All Tix Locations In Dusty Trip Boat
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Tix #7

make your way all the way to the 8,000-mile mark, where you come across the haunted house. Run up the hill in front of it and creep around the left side of the building. On the small ledge you’re walking on, you should find the next available ticket in A Dusty Trip.

Tix #8

There is a second Tix just inside the haunted house. Head inside and up to the second floor. The room at the far end of the second floor has a chest of drawers, which the eighth Tix is sitting on top of, ready for you to find.

All Tix Locations In Dusty Trip Bedroom
Image: YouTube KingKade

Tix #9 and 10

The final two Tix can be found in the basements of the two buildings at the 10,000-mile mark. Simply head into them both and look for the stairs down into the small basements. This is where you will find the final Tix in A Dusty Trip for Roblox Classic. It all reminds me of the egg hunt event.

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