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All Roblox The Classic challenges ranked from easiest to hardest

Which should you start with?

To get any rewards in Roblox The Classic, you’ll need to complete the challenges in the 15 different participating Roblox experiences. Here are the ones you should start with.

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All 15 Roblox The Classic challenges

Each experience offers five Tokens, so you can progress as far or as little as you like in each experience. You don’t have to claim all the Tokens to get all the rewards, anyway. I won’t really be factoring in the Tix into this ranking as, for the most part, they’re all simple hide-and-seek challenges.

If I were you, I’d pick the easiest first to get all the cosmetics, then try to finish all the others. Here are all 15 Roblox The Classic challenges ranked easiest to hardest:

  1. Livetopia
  2. Clip It
  3. Adopt Me!
  4. Restaraunt Tycoon 2
  5. Dragon Adventures
  6. Dress to Impress
  7. Gunfight Arena
  8. Arsenal
  9. Bed Wars
  10. Tower Defense Simulator
  11. Driving Empire
  12. Blade Ball
  13. Toilet Tower Defense
  14. Bee Swarm Simulator
  15. A Dusty Trip


Livetopia The Classic
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By far the easiest challenge in Roblox The Classic is in Livetopia. All you’ll have to do for this series of missions is do a little shopping.

Click on the dedicated The Classic button to be teleported to a shop, where you’ll be given a shopping list. You must walk around the small store to collect the goods, bag them, then deliver them. Every three lists you complete will earn you a Token.

This is pretty grindy and won’t be the quickest, but it’s the easiest. As you get used to the store, you’ll be whizzing around and making light work of the challenge.

Clip It

The Classic Clip It
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In Clip It, all you must do to get the five Tokens, is find five characters hidden around the Classic map and clip them. There will be puzzles separating you from the NPCs, so you will have to use your smarts to get all the Tokens.

The reason Clip It is so easy is because you may get lucky and see other players’ videos of completing the puzzles on your feed, giving you all you need to know.

Just make sure not to forget to clip the NPCs, or you won’t get your Token.

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’ve put Adopt Me! this high up as the challenge doesn’t require you to do anything differently to the core game. Press the notice board menu to the left and allow the game to navigate you to the event NPC. You’ll be given the Classic Teapot, and all you’ll have to do is raise it.

There is nothing special or unique — it’s just another pet like any other in Adopt Me! — so those who are well-versed in raising a pet will be able to fly through this challenge with ease. This does take some time though, and newer players may need to ask some questions – but ultimately it’s rather easy.

Each stage of development with the Classic Teapot will earn you a Token. If you’ve ever gotten the Jellyfish in Adopt Me! this will be a piece of cake.

Restaurant Tycoon 2

Restaurant Tycoon 2 The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To get the five Tokens in Restaurant Tycoon 2, once again, you won’t have to do anything differently. This is quite grindy though, so I hope you enjoy the game!

To get all the Tokens in Restaurant Tycoon 2, you must serve 150 customers with the Classic tag on them. They won’t always appear, although they’re common enough. To speed things up, you’ll want to scale your restaurant as quickly and efficiently as you can, which doesn’t take a lot of effort at all.

So before long, you’ll be housing loads of the Classic customers at once, and you’ll get those Tokens before long.

Dragon Adventures

Dragona Dventures The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Dragon Adventures picks up the difficulty a little. There are five maps, and each one has 1 Token Egg and 2 Tix Eggs for you to find and incubate. Upon incubating the Egg, you’ll receive the Token or Tix that’s inside.

Now this sounds pretty easy, and it can be if you’ve got a great Dragon to swiftly fly around the maps, but it is super easy to miss the eggs as you fly around.

Having to find the Tix in all the experiences is hard enough, let alone having to find the Tokens, too! Before too long, you should have all the Tokens you need, and you’ll get to explore the wonderful locations with your Dragon.

Dress to Impress

Dress To Impress The Classic
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In Dress to Impress, you may have a pretty hard time completing the first phase of the event, which requires you to find all ten Tix. Now the only two rooms in the experience are very small, so you’ll quickly find them, but one is stuck behind the obby in the lobby and you have so little time to complete it.

Once you’ve found all the Tix, then you’ll be able to step through the portal to start phase two, which will have you talking to NPCs. This part isn’t too difficult, but finding that final Tix is.

Gunfight Arena

Gunfight Arena The Classic
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Like Dress to Impress, in Gunfight Arena, you’ll have to find ten Tix before you can start earning your Tokens. Thankfully, the Classic maps they appear on are small, and they’ll reset between matches. So you can easily find ten between two matches.

Upon collecting the Tix, you’ll unlock Classic weapons, and to earn the Tokens, you’ll have to get kills with them. This isn’t too difficult, just grindy, and some players may not be the best at competitive and shooter games.

This challenge is pretty fun, even if it is grindy and not to everyone’s tastes.


Arsenal The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This The Classic challenge in Arsenal is one of my favorites, although it is rather tricky. To get your first Token in the event, you must complete a level designed for the event. This level will have you utilizing classic weapons against Noobs on a linear map.

The difficulty arises when trying to get the rest of the Tokens, which require you to complete the level again but with certain challenges in mind.

From speedrunning it to doing it solo to trying to find all the Tix, you’ll need numerous runs to get them all. Luckily, Arsenal is up there with my favorite Roblox fighting games.

Bed Wars

Bed Wars The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Bed Wars has a pretty simple challenge, although that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You will need to survive 10 waves of penguin attacks as they try to destroy you and your bed. Placing blocks and defenses will help you keep the penguins at bay. This challenge is pretty long, hence it is positioned so highly.

This challenge is pretty fun, but if you and your team are disorganized, the penguins will take advantage and rip your operations to shreds. Don’t underestimate them!

Tower Defense Simulator

Tower Defence Simulator The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In Tower Defense Simulator, you must beat five unique levels for the event, each one giving you a Token. You’ll be able to access these levels from the lobby, and will have to beat them one at a time.

You’ll really want to buddy up for these challenges, as the levels will get pretty difficult. Interestingly, these levels will make you play with predetermined teams and certain levels, so you’ll have to work with what you’ve got.

Strategy will be key here — you can’t just spam meta units.

Driving Empire

Drive Empire The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In Driving Empire, you won’t have to do anything particularly hard, but you will have to do a lot of tasks. In the “Rewards” menu of The Classic event menu, you’ll see that there is a Battle Pass of sorts that you need to complete.

You will have to complete a litany of tasks to earn EXP for the Battle Pass, and at different levels, you’ll unlock Tokens.

There is a lot to do, even if it isn’t too difficult.

Blade Ball

Blade Ball The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Just like Driving Empire, Blade Ball’s The Classic challenge involves a Battle Pass system. You will need to complete Quests to earn XP to advance the track to earn Tokens. You will need to earn 120 XP to gain all 5 Tokens.

Depending on your skill level, this challenge could be pretty hard, especially to complete. And at the very least, it’s a pretty long time commitment to get all five Tokens.

Toilet Tower Defense

Toilet Tower Defense The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Toilet Tower Defense doesn’t have a particularly challenging event, so long as you have decent toilets, but it’s placed so highly as a lot of effort is required to complete the challenge.

There are five challenges that you need to beat on the Crossroads Map, a Classic map made for the event. You must beat the map on Easy and Medium, earn 200 coins from the map, and get 1,000 toilet kills. Upon completing these four challenges, you’ll unlock the Classic Cameraman, which is required for the final challenge for the final Token.

To get the final Token, you’ll need to get a whopping 1,000 kills with the Classic Cameraman. This is a huge task that will take a pretty long time.

Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’m going to be completely honest with you, The Classic challenge in Bee Swarm Simulator is insane for those who have never experienced combat in the game. You’ll need an aggressive and capable hive, as you will have to survive 10 waves of enemies on a custom Classic map.

You will earn Tokens for surviving every second wave, but if ten enemies make it to the hives, you’ll all lose. This challenge is hard not just because the challenge itself is, but because you’ll need to spend time grinding to get a hive strong enough to participate, and there might just not be enough time.

Combat in Bee Swarm Simulator is hard as it is, let alone having to survive ten waves of slimes and zombies.

A Dusty Trip

A Dusty Trip The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I would say A Dusty Adventure is the hardest challenge in Roblox The Classic event. Although the classic aesthetic is hilarious for the game, the core grueling and challenging gameplay remains. To get all five tokens, you’ll have to complete five story events.

As you travel further along the road, you’ll bump into different story events. This means you’ll have to survive and journey that far, which is a serious time commitment, especially if your teammates aren’t reliable.

I won’t spoil anything, but this challenge is rather hard and best played with friends.

Now that you know the best way to go about completing The Classic event in Roblox, I’m sure you’ll get all the rewards in no time. Once you’ve gotten what you came for, you can spend time enjoying the best Tycoons.

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