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All Star Wars Hunters characters, tier list

There's always a bigger fish.

Star Wars Hunters has a large roster of Hunters that you can unlock for free, and every player will doubtlessly wonder which ones are the best. So I’ve tried them all and will rank them accordingly.

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Every Star Wars Hunters character, ranked

Star Wars Hunters has a great cast of characters, and they all certainly have their uses. This tier list will make some Hunters look bad or just average, although it’s important to remember that a player skilled in any Hunter is a very dangerous player – they all have their moments.

Remember that the best tier list is the one you make yourself, so give them all a try to see which one resonates with you the most.

Note that I’m not simply ranking these Hunters based on how much damage they deal – I’m assessing their effectiveness in the following metrics:

  • How well they perform in each game mode
  • How well they perform as their type (tank, damage, and support)
  • How well they support their teammates
  • How well they perform on their own

That being said, there are some Hunters that seem to perform exceptionally well in the field of battle, and I’ve compiled my findings and experience into one tier list.

Finally, remember that the game is still in its infant stage, and so over time, new metas and strategies may elevate some Hunters into a more competitive ranking.


Star Wars Hunters Zaina
Screenshot: PC Invasion

These Hunters perform well in every game mode and are fantastic at supporting their allies and destroying their enemies. you may be surprised to see Zaini so high up – but that’s because she’s honestly so good in the right hands. I’ve seen her at the top of the team more than once.

  • Rieve (Damage)
  • Aran Tal (Damage)
  • Sentinel (Tank)
  • Zaini (Support)


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These Hunters are all excellent, although I’ve seen them outmatch pretty quickly on more than one occasion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been smashed to pieces by Grozz many times, but for the most part, he’s easy to overcome with the right strategy. And that same sentiment can be applied to the rest of them.

  • Imara Vex (Damage)
  • Diago (Damage)
  • Utooni (Damage)
  • Grozz (Tank)
  • Sling Shot (Tank)
  • Sprocket (Support)


Star Wars Hunters Charr
Screenshot: PC Invasion

These poor Hunters have not performed so well. Despite Charr being good at soaking up damage – that’s all he’ll really be doing as he gets torn to shreds. The special abilities of these Hunters can let them down compared to all the other Hunters.

Again, these Hunters can be deadly, although it’s easier to do so with the others.

  • J-3DI (Damage)
  • Charr (Tank)
  • Skora (Support)

That’s right – there are only three tiers in this tier list. You may find that less helpful, but I honestly couldn’t rank any of them any lower. They are all pretty well balanced and there is no objective “worst” Hunter. For now, at least.

Now that you know how generally effective each Hunter is in Star Wars Hunters, you can go ahead and earn those Hunter Tokens to unlock them.

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