Wuthering Waves Union Level rewards and how to claim
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All Union Level rewards and how to claim them in Wuthering Waves

A ton of goodies for your adventure.

Union Level is a system in Wuthering Waves that rewards the player with rare and useful items when they reach higher levels. This guide covers everything there is to know about Union Level in Wuthering Waves including how to increase it and all rewards.

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Wuthering Waves: What is Union Level and how to increase it

Wuthering Waves Union Level
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Before we get into all the rewards you can earn from Union Levels in Wuthering Waves, let’s first discuss what it actually is and how to increase it. Simply put, Union Level is a leveling system that gradually increases the more you play the game. It’s almost identical to “Adventure Rank” from Genshin Impact

There are plenty of ways to increase Union Level in Wuthering Waves. Below is a short list of the main ways to raise Union Level.

  • Open chests.
  • Complete daily activities.
  • Complete main and exploration quests.
  • Companion quests.
  • Target and defeat bosses in Tacet Fields or simulations.
  • Explore the open world.
  • Consume Waveplates.

As you continue to complete the activities mentioned above, your Union Level will gradually increase. You can check your current Union Level in your terminal, under your character’s information.

Union Level rewards and how to claim them in Wuthering Waves
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Mine is very low at the moment (as you can see in the image above), but I’m looking forward to exploring this massive world to rank up and earn the rewards. Speaking of, let’s now discuss the Union Level rewards you can earn.

All Union Level rewards in Wuthering Waves

Players can earn a ton of rewards by reaching higher Union Levels. That said, it isn’t until level 5 that rewards actually become available. Below are all the rewards you can earn from Union Levels currently.

  • Union Level 5: 5x Lustrous Tide, 200x Astride
  • Union Level 15: 5x Lustrous Tide, 400x Astride
  • Union Level 25: 15x Lustrous Tide, 2x Crystal Solvent
  • Union Level 35: 15x Lustrous Tide, 4x Crystal Solvent
  • Union Level 45: Five-Star Weapon Supply Chest, 1000x Astride

How to claim Union Level rewards

Once you reach Union Level 5 in Wuthering Waves, it’s time to start claiming rewards. To claim Union Level rewards, all you need to do is go into your Terminal and click on Event at the top of the screen. On the next screen, you can find your rewards under the “Awakening Journey” tab. 

Keep in mind that the Event tab doesn’t become available until after you leave the city with Yangyang and Chixia.

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