Are Chests Farmable In Wuthering Waves
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Are chests farmable in Wuthering Waves? Answered

Chest hunting.

While exploring the open world of Wuthering Waves, you’ll find a plethora of chests scattered about. But what happens when you’ve found them all, are the chests farmable in Wuthering Waves? We’ll answer this question below.

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Wuthering Waves: Can you farm chests?

Unfortunately, it seems as though chests are not farmable in Wuthering Waves in the sense that they do not respawn. After opening a supply chest in this action-adventure gacha game, you collect your rewards, and the chest disappears. This is similar to how Genshin Impact works.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll run out of chests. As more updates for Wuthering Waves come out, more areas will be unlocked with plenty of more chests to discover. Also, if you’re looking to gain 100% Exploration Progress, you’ll want to find as many supply chests as you can. Here are all the supply chests you can come across:

  • Scattered Supply Chest
  • Basic Supply Chest
  • Medium Supply Chest
  • Advanced Supply Chest
  • Premium Supply Chest
Are Chests Farmable In Wuthering Waves No
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The further down the list you go, the rarer the chest is, and the better the items you’ll get from them. You’ll be able to find hundreds of these chests through various means. Many of them are out in the open or hidden in secret spots in the open world.

Other times, you can collect chests by completing challenges, such as the backflip challenge. Depending on what challenge you’re taking on and how difficult it is, you’ll get different supply chests.

So far, we haven’t seen chests show up after collecting them, so it seems as though chests do not respawn. This doesn’t mean that you technically can’t farm them, as there are so many chests to find that it’d be considered farming just to go out looking for them. Otherwise, there are still things you can farm in Wuthering Waves such as XP for the Data Bank.

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