All Urzikstan Bunker locations in Warzone
Screenshot: PC Invasion

All Urzikstan Bunker locations in Warzone

Hidden treasure troves

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed sealed bunkers around Urzikstan. These have existed for a while but haven’t had a use until now. Here are all Urzikstan Bunker locations in Warzone.

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How to find every Bunker in Warzone 

At the time of writing, Bunkers are exclusive to Urzikstan and don’t appear on the minimap. This trait is similar to the Biometric Scanners on Rebirth Island as it rewards map knowledge. While the exact locations aren’t marked, the edges of your map turn yellow when a Bunker is nearby.

Here’s where you can find every Bunker in Urzikstan:

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Warzone Bunker locations explained

As Urzikstan is such a vast map, let me explain each location in more detail, as they are easy to miss. 


This Bunker isn’t too hard to find and there’s a Buy Station just to the east in the compound above.


You should have no trouble finding this Bunker as it’s out in the open and in full view of the highway to the south.


The Bunker is pretty easy to miss and is obscured by a tall stone wall. Still, the location is built into a cliff, so follow the wall, and you’ll find the entrance.


This location is quite difficult to find as it’s built into the cliffs above the nearby road. You can’t see it from the street, so you’ll have to climb the nearby rocks to find the entrance.


The entrance to Bunker #5 is easy to find if a little out of the way. There’s no reason to be in this area unless you’re Bunker hunting, so beware of other teams looking for the same thing.


This Bunker is a little difficult to find as you must access it from the waterside to the west. You can swim to the entrance or jump from the cliffs nearby and parachute to the location.


Bunker #7 is easy to access and visible from the nearby compound.


The entrance to Bunker #8 is hidden beneath the two-lane highway. You can access the area from the road underneath the bridge.


You can find this Bunker quite easily as long as you’re on the low ground near the water and nearby compound. It’s accessible from the west and is built into the cliffside.


This is a decent Bunker to go for, as you won’t find many teams here. The only other people you’ll find are likely headed to the Bunker as well, so listen for footsteps.


The map location for this Bunker is a little misleading as it’s underground in a tunnel. You can access the area from the Zaravan Suburbs to the west, and I recommend driving there as you’ll be a sitting duck otherwise.


Our final Bunker is out of the way to the far south of the map. This area is pretty quiet most of the time and is often an accessible location to reach when the match begins.

Each location houses a decent loot haul, and you can even find the new Tactical Sprint Boots inside. Any decent player will tell you how vital movement tech is, so it’s worth trying out this powerful Perk. 

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