All Viewpoint Locations In Wuthering Waves Spyglass
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All Viewpoint locations in Wuthering Waves, explained

Take in the scenery and grab a few resources with these point of views.

Part of Wuthering Wave’s appeal is the vast open world to explore and document. Resources such as Sonance Caskets can be found all throughout the post-apocalyptic world, but that’s not all. Let’s glide, grapple, and take a look at all Viewpoint locations in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves — All Viewpoint locations, explained

All Viewpoint Locations In Wuthering Waves Picture
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When I first started playing Wuthering Waves, I was mainly focused on trying to get some good gacha pulls (and there are even 100 free draws you can claim). That being said, as I explored the world and took down more enemies, I found a Viewpoint.

Viewpoints are locations throughout the land that really capture the breathtaking scenery. They’re not marked on the map, and you’ll need to keep your eye out for a spyglass icon sprouting from the ground to find them. Upon interacting with one of these Viewpoints, the game will take a picture of the landscape, with the option to save the picture.

You’ll also get a handful of Astrite for your exploration troubles. There are currently 8 Viewpoints for players to find throughout the map, and here are all Viewpoint locations in Wuthering Waves:

All Viewpoint Locations In Wuthering Waves Map
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There are nine regions in total so far in Wuthering Waves. So far, Desorock Highland has one Viewpoint, Gorges of Spirits has two Viewpoints, Central Plains has one Viewpoint, Tiger’s Maw has two Viewpoints, and Whining Aix’s Mire has two Viewpoints. The regions without any Viewpoints are Port City of Guixu, Jinzhou, Wuming Bay, and Dim Forest.

The map we used was provided by the Wuthering Waves interactive map. But as you can see, if you want to visit every Viewpoint in WuWa, you’ll be asked to scour the edges of the map. Use this image, as well as the interactive map on their website to check out any other items/interactives on the map. Once you get your legs under you, then it’s time to try out the multiplayer aspect of Wuthering Waves.

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