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All voice actors in Apex Legends

The faces behind the voices.

With 25 different Legends and one announcer, this Battle Royale game has a lot of different characters. So let’s outline all the voice actors in Apex Legends.

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You’ll probably recognize some of these actors from other shows, movies, or video games. So strap in, and let’s dive into this lengthy list.

Apex Legends: All voice actors

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Announcer
Image: IMDb

Announcer – Zehra Fazal

This is probably the most iconic voice in the entire game. You hear Zehra Fazal whenever you jump into the game, and her voice will tell you whenever the ring countdown begins, or when the champion is eliminated. Zehra Fazal is an American voice actress who was a guest star on Critical Role, and was in Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Ash
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Ash – Anna Campbell

Ash, the Incisive Instigator, is voiced by Anna Campbell. Although she has been in many live action projects, she’s most notable for voicing Ash back in Titanfall 2. But did you know she was also Gunnr in God of War: Ragnarok?

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Ballistic – Robin Atkin Downes

The Refined Gunslinger Ballistic is a pretty new Legend who Robin Atkin Downes voices. Born in London, he’s most known for his work in video games and animation. You may recognize his voice as Robert in The Last of Us, the Medic in Team Fortress 2, and even Captain Slag in Ratchet & Clank.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Bangalore
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Bangalore – Erica Luttrell

Since the start of Apex Legends, Erica Luttrell has voiced Bangalore, the Professional Solider. Erica is a Canadian, born in Toronto, and has had many notable roles. She starred in Westworld, and voiced characters like Sapphire in Steven Universe, as well as Emily Kaldwin in Dishonored 2.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Bloodhound

Bloodhound – Allegra Clark

Another very talented and well-known actress is Allegra Clark, who plays Bloodhound, the Technological Tracker. This Los Angeles-based actress has a very recognizable voice, as she was Shamir and Dorothea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Beidou in Genshin Impact, and is Mitsuru in Persona 3 Reload.

Image: Respawn/Twitter

Catalyst – Meli Grant

Catalyst is the Defensive Conjurer legend voiced by Meli Grant. Respawn chose Meli, who is a trans woman like Catalyst, to best represent and respect the character. As a long-time voice actress, Meli Grant has voiced in video games and anime like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, JoJo’s Bizzarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, and V Rising.

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Caustic – JB Blanc

JB Blanc voices Caustic, the Toxic Trapper. This French-British actor has also directed television and film projects. You may recognize him from Arcane as Vander, Kano in Mortal Kombat 11, as well as a few different voices in Starfield, Diablo 4, and Hogwarts Legacy. He was even in Better Call Saul!

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Conduit
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Conduit – Frankie Kevich

Conduit is currently the latest Legend to enter the arena. This Shield Healer is voiced by Frankie Kevich, who is a Filipino-Polish actress born in Vancouver, Canada. She has had roles in several cartoons like Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune and Rainbow High, as well as the kids series L.O.L. Surprise!

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Crypto – Johnny Young

Jonny Young took on the role of Crypto, the Surveillance Expert. His resume includes roles like Zeke in Tower of Fantasy, Dae-Hyun in the Overwatch short ‘Shooting Star’, the movie Ghost in the Shell, and Cyberpunk 2077.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Fuse
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Fuse – Ben Prendergast

To take on Fuse’s Australian accent, Respawn chose Ben Prendergast. Now based in Los Angeles, Ben’s best work is Tyr in God of War: Ragnarok, Patroclus in Hades, as well as General Hux and Darth Maul in Star Wars Resistance and The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Gibralter
Image: Respawn/Wikipedia

Gibralter – Branscombe Richmond

The incredible voice of Branscombe Richmond is behind the face of Gibralter. He’s an American actor and stuntman, with a background in plenty of shows and movies. Best known as Bobby in the American drama show Renegade, he also starred in Hawaiian Heat, alongside dozens of other roles dating back to the 70s.

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Horizon – Elle Newlands

Scottish actress Elle Newlands voices Horizon, the Gravitational Manipulator. She’s a voice actress with roles in games like Remnant 2, Darksiders 2, Doom Eternal, and Diablo 4 as the female Necromancer. Elle has also acted in Star Trek Into Darkness, as well as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake.

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Lifeline – Mela Lee

Lifeline is a Combat Medic in Apex Legends, voiced by Mela Lee, an American voice actress. You may recognize her from Mortal Kombat 11 as Jade, but she also appeared in animations like Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir and Avengers Assemble.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Loba
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Loba – Fryda Wolff

Another favorite Support Legend is Loba, who Fryda Wolff voices. Also another American voice actress, Fryda is from Las Vegas and has voiced several characters from The Owl House, WarioWare: Move It!, Starfield, and Bugsnax.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Mad Maggie
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Mad Maggie – Nicola Kawana

Nicola Kawana voices the Rebel Warlord Mad Maggie. Born in New Zealand, Nicola Kawana played roles in multiple films and shows in her home country, such as Find Me a Maori Bride, Legend of the Seeker, and The Man Who Lost His Head.

Image: Respawn/Wikipedia

Mirage – Roger Craig Smith

The voice behind Mirage is the accomplished Roger Craig Smith, who has been in several recognizable projects. This American voice actor is Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Frontiers, Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Origins, and even Ezio from Assassin’s Creed.

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Newcastle – Gabe Kunda

Gabe Kunda plays Newcastle, the Heroic Defender. Born in Texas, you may know Gabe as KAY/O in Valorant, or Inarius in Diablo 4. He’s also been apart of a few animes like Hell’s Paradise, Chainsaw Man, and My Hero Academia.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Octane
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Octane – Nicolas Roye

As the first Legend introduced after Apex Legends release, Nicolas Roye voices Octane, the High-Speed Daredevil. Nicolas was born in New Jersey and has quite the variety of roles. He’s Toji Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen, Echo-216 in Halo Infinite, and Leif in Fire Emblem: Engage.

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All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Pathfinder
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Pathfinder – Chris Edgerly

The loveable robot Pathfinder is voiced by Chris Edgerly, who is another veteran voice actor. Born in Maryland, this American actor played plenty of Simpsons characters, but is also known as Cid Highwind in Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, and Isobu in the Naruto series.

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Rampart – Anjali Bhimani

Anjali Bhimani is a seasoned voice actress with an incredible resume of roles. She plays Rampart, but you’ll probably recognize her at Symmetra from Overwatch, Auntie Ruby in Ms. Marvel, Medusa in Stray Gods, and she’s also a recurring guest star in Critical Role.

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Revenant – Darin De Paul

Here’s another accomplished voice actor. Darin De Paul plays Revenant, but he has starred in plenty of other games and shows. Notably, he’s J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man 2, Reinhardt in Overwatch, and Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Seer
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Seer – Ike Amadi

Ike Amadi voices Seer, the Ambush Artist. He’s a Nigerian voice actor who you may recognize from roles like Javik from Mass Effect 3, Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat 11 and 1, as well as Aaron Davis in Spider-Man 2.

Image: Respawn/Critical Role Wiki

Valkyrie – Erika Ishii

Valkyrie is voiced by Erika Ishii, who is a legend herself in the voice acting industry. This American voice actress has been in plenty of roles, such as Ana Bray in Destiny 2, Hermes in Stray Gods, Ruth Dzeng in Cyberpunk 2077, and also occasionally stars in Dimension 20 and Critical Role.

All Voice Actors In Apex Legends Vantage
Image: Respawn/IMDb

Vantage – Natalie Cañizares

The Sniper Savant Vantage is played by Natalie Cañizares, a Cuban American actor and filmmaker. Although she doesn’t have too many roles, she has worked on the TV show Mayans M.C., as well as the animated film The Mitchells vs the Machines.

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Wattson – Justine Huxley

The voice behind Wattson, the Static Defender, is Los Angeles voice actress Justine Huxley. Justine also hasn’t been apart of many projects, but she was apart of Sword Art Online, Lost Ark, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Image: Respawn/IMDb

Wraith – Shantel VanSanten

Finally, Shantel VanSanten plays Wraith, the Interdimensional Skirmisher. She’s an American actress and model who has been apart of plenty of live action projects. You’ll most likely recognize her as Becca from The Boys TV series, or Patty Spivot in The Flash. She’s also been in a few FBI series.

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